Tips And Tricks In Getting Your Home Ready For Winter

Winter season is near, which means that you’re going to experience lots of snow, icy conditions, and low temperatures depending on where you live. This also means that you need to pay attention to your home. If you don’t give attention to your home, it can quickly start deteriorating when the winter season comes.

Taking care of your investment is one of the things that you need to do if you want it to last. Fall is the best time to get your home ready for winter. You surely don’t want to deal with burst pipes, a broken furnace, or leaky windows so preparing your home for the coming cold season is the key. Here’s a guide to winterizing your home effectively.

Tips in Getting your Home Ready for Winter

Air and heating systems

Both air and heating systems usually last for a maximum of 15 years. But if they’re well maintained, you can still see them working for at least 20 years. Before the winter comes, start changing the filters and have a reliable HVAC contractor inspect them. You can make an agreement with them by having your systems’ annually checked. This will ensure that your system will work the way it should do. You surely don’t want to be surprised when your heating system doesn’t work properly during the winter season.

Protect your exterior wood

The exterior wood on your home should be protected from all kinds of elements. Typically, homes have rot-resistant or pressure-treated types of wood. But the wood that’s around the exterior of your windows and doors can deteriorate if not protected. Replacing them can be expensive, which is why it’s best to make sure they won’t rot.

The best thing you can do is to walk around the home and make sure none of the wood paint is flaking or chipping away. You can ensure that they’re protected when you pour water on it, and the water beads up. But if the liquid gets absorbed, then cleaning and sealing your deck or exterior frames should immediately be done.

Sealing hard and masonry surfaces

The patio of your home should be protected too. If your walkways, driveways, and patio are made out of concrete, then applying a concrete sealer would be advisable. Remember that concrete flatwork will develop cracks eventually. So always take the time to check the fill and concrete for any cracks before you start applying the sealer.

For people who have a driveway made out of asphalt, resealing it is also advisable. You can either purchase a sealer and do it yourself, or hire a company to do it for you. If there’s any cracks, make sure to patch them first before sealing.

Cleaning the chimney

To ensure your chimney is ready to be used, have it cleaned and let a professional inspect it. If there’s any problems, the company can immediately identify and fix it before the cold season comes.

Cleaning the gutters

Clean the leaves off the gutters to avoid overflowing once the water starts to run down. Once the water overflows, the water can run down over your home which can speed your exterior’s deterioration. It can also cause for the water to settle under the concrete walks, porches, and deteriorate the overall foundation of your home.

Shut down the sprinkler and pool

Prepare your sprinkler and pool for winter, and you can do this by draining them entirely of any excess water. You can hire an expert to do this to make sure that both the sprinkler and pool are shut down properly. Plus, if there’s any problems, they can immediately point them out. You’ll surely find hiring a professional cheaper compared to replacing some of the broken lines next summer.

Preparing your lawn

Prepare your lawn by aerating and over seeding it during the last week of summer. Applying fertilizer with winterizer during the last week of autumn will make your lawn beautiful once the spring season comes. Lawn owners have different opinions as to when to prepare their lawns for winter. But if you want new grass to grow beautifully, then preparing it during summer/autumn is ideal.

Preparing your home for the coming winter may be a lot of work, but doing these tips will help prevent any future damages. Of course, don’t forget to winterize your vehicles and prepare some winter essentials like snow shovels and sand. If you need more home tricks and tips, the internet will always have something for you.