Which Electric Chainsaw is Best for Home Use!

Some homeowners hire someone to perform the specific task in their homes while some of them find satisfaction in working with their own hands. Some tools are really essential when it comes to performing a specific task in our home. Talking about tools, we can’t deny the importance of Electric Chainsaw in handling different daily life home jobs. Can we?

What Is Electric Chainsaw?

Electric Chainsaw is a device that has a chain attached to sharp teeth rotating around a bar, which results in cutting or carving different objects. This device is mostly used for professional purposes i.e. carpentry and other wood-works, but it is also being used to perform domestic tasks because of its efficiency and smoothness. It was a mechanical device when it was invented, but later it was upgraded to Electric-powered device with cords, and nowadays many chainsaws are battery-powered without cords.

What Is Electric Chainsaw

There are hundreds of chainsaws available nowadays, but the question is: Which electric chainsaw is best for home use?

Tips On Choosing Best Electric Chainsaw For Home Use:

Let’s just go through some important factors that may help in picking up the best electric chainsaw for domestic use:

  • Make sure to consider the reliability factor very important while choosing your desired chainsaw, if your chainsaw is with manufacturer warranty then you must go for that, otherwise don’t buy the electric chainsaw without warranty.
  • You must know which type of task you’re going to perform with your Electric Chainsaw. If you’re going to cut down large logs of trees, then we’re afraid you have to go for a gas-powered chainsaw. For trimming and carving small limbs, the electric-powered is good to go.
  • Always go for the electric chainsaw that may cause less noise. Mostly, gas-powered chainsaws generate less noise than electric-powered chainsaws. But still, do some research while picking up your desired chainsaw because disturbing your neighbor is not a kind thing to do. Right?
  • Always choose the chainsaw which has an automatic oiling feature so that you don’t have to oil your chain and bar by yourself.
  • Must go for the automatic and tool-less tensioning feature. This feature will not make you tight your chainsaw chain by yourself. So, stop worrying about your chain tension, this feature has got your back.

Which Electric Chainsaw Is Best For Home Use?

Electric Chainsaw

Let’s just go through some best models that may fit in the requirements for your desired chainsaw.

  • Black+Decker LCS1020 – this chainsaw weighs 7.2 pounds, it has an automatic oiling system which will let you work smoothly.
  • Black+Decker CS1518 – it also comes up with an automatic oiling system, it has a 15Amp motor.
  • Dewalt DCCS620P1 – this electric chainsaw is cordless, this battery-powered chainsaw is efficient in performing home jobs but not for professional tasks.
  • Sun Joe SWJ701E – this one is our own favorite chainsaw, which is best for small domestic tasks. It has a 14Amp motor.
  • Remington RM1425 – Remington is highly recommended chainsaw by most homeowners, it’s also best for small house jobs. The best thing which differentiates this electric chainsaw with others is its light weight and low price.
  • Oregon CS1500 – Oregon has 18” long bar and chain with a 15Amp motor. The best thing about this electric chainsaw is its self-sharpening system.
  • WORX WG304.1 – Worx has 18″ long bar and chain with a built-in chain break. We recommend this chainsaw for people who’re looking for some low-price electric chainsaw.
  • Greenworks 20332 – Greenworks has 18” long bar and chain with a 14.5Amp electric motor. It also has an automatic oiling system.

All models above have their own specialty and features; we have mentioned these models along with their attributes so that you may choose accordingly. But, you have to decide which best suits you according to the nature of your job. Some of these can be used for professional proposes but we recommend these chainsaws for domestic use.

Did you find this helpful for your hunt for an Electric Chainsaw? Keep these points in your mind while hitting markets for purchase. If you think we missed out anything which is important for picking out the best chainsaw, do let us know about it. If you have any question regarding this, we’d be happy to assist you.