What You Need to Know About Climate, Best Time to Visit and Transportation in Australia

Australia has a beautiful view. From beaches, forests, mountains, hills, rocky beaches to glaciers. A large and diverse country located in Oceania, being the largest on the continent.

With a tropical climate similar to our pores in the southern hemisphere. In summer you will be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches, dive and get to know the beach with its Great Barrier Reef; Explore wineries in the Adelaide region; Find out special things in Alice Springs Perth, Darwin and Tasmania. Visit the Red Outback landscape and understand the struggles of the people to respect and preserve their traditions. This article will not talk about the requirements to go to Australia. You can find information about that by clicking on Australia Tourist Visa. This article focuses on climate, best time to visit and transportation in Australia. By knowing these three things at least you have taken a step further in understanding the continent of this country.



Summer and winter occur together with us. But because the country is large, the temperature varies. For example if you want to visit the desert, you have to go between April and October. To visit the major capitals and beaches it is ideal to go in the summer between November and March.

Best month: The best month to see Australia varies according to what you want to do in the country. If you enjoy more beaches, the best time is summer. If you want to ski, it is best for winter. However, if you want to enjoy a few things like knowing the beach, visiting the desert, the best months are between September and December.


Uber: It’s still cheaper than some transportation like taxis and much more convenient than public transportation like buses and trains. To use downloads only on the mobile, enter the desired address and order your car.

Train: Australia’s railroad is not as big as in some other countries. But this works well in big cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Car Pooling: Australia is one of the countries that most join Car Pooling. Local residents often use it every day to go to work, universities, and so on.

Metro: In this country there is Metro Light Rail & Monorail which operates 24 hours a day between several stations which greatly facilitates the lives of local residents and tourists. To buy a pass card, simply go to the station or at www.metrotransport.com.au.

Bus: Buses are 24 hours in Australia, meaning they continue to operate when the train stops. Fares vary according to the route taken. But it is not expensive and is a good choice for traveling around or between cities.

City pass for transportation: With daily options, 5.7 or 10 day city passes are suitable for those who will spend many days in the city. Besides being great at transportation. Usually companies offer discounts at tourist attractions and restaurants.

Accessibility – Subway, tram and train show how much the country thinks about accessibility. All have wheelchair spaces, large doors and ramps inside the station and walkways. Great that has a kind of limitation to get around and is a help for us tourists who always carry lots of big luggage.

Australia is a great big country. You can see a combination of economic progress and sustainable wildlife. What are you waiting for?