What are the Different Types of Tezos Fundraiser Wallet?

After getting a push start, the Tezos survived the cryptocurrency market due to its proof-of-stake mechanism. Before anyone knew it, the price of Tez had tripped within a few months of its launch. 

Tezos is a cryptocurrency blockchain network that is linked to a digital token. That digital token is called Tez or Tezzie. The fun fact about the Tez is that it is not based on mining, but rather token holders receive it as a reward for participating in the consensus mechanism.

And to hold these digital tokens or Tez, tezos offers their customers a tezos Fundraiser walletwhich can be in the form of either digital wallets or hardware wallets.

After getting a push start, the Tezos survived the cryptocurrency market due to its proof-of-stake mechanism. Before anyone knew it, the price of Tez had tripped within a few months of its launch.

Coming back to the tezos Fundraiser wallet, these wallets either store the data on the internet in secure vaults (hot wallets) or can store the data in an offline hardware device (cold wallets).

Usually, cold wallets are more secure than hot wallets cause they store the data offline and don’t have access to the internet. Whereas, hot wallets are more flexible and faster than cold wallets because people don’t need to access their hardware devices every time user wants to log in.

There are different types of tezos Fundraiser wallets, whether they be hot wallets or cold wallets. Let us have a look at them:

Galleon tezos Fundraiser wallet:

Galleon tezos Fundraiser wallet

The Galleon tezos Fundraiser wallet is a desktop and mobile supported hot wallet. It allows users to interact with the Tezos network and consign their Tez.

The Galleon tezos Fundraiser wallet also offers users to back up their data and store that back up on a local device of the user and can survive without the internet.

It is designed by a New York-based company that focuses on decentralization and digital sovereignty in Tezos foundation. The company has also provided the Galleon tezos Fundraiser wallet in multiple languages giving it exposure to many countries.

Atomic tezos Fundraiser wallet:

If one is looking for a simple digital asset storing and taking the wallet, this wallet is great! The Atomic tezos Fundraiser wallet has more than 300 digital asset capabilities. It is one of the reasons why this wallet is popular and widely used.

The Atomic tezos Fundraiser wallet uses a multi-key system to encrypt the user’s keys and store them over their device with no internet access required.

This hot wallet is available on both mobile and desktop with the functionality to exchange digital assets from peer to peer.

Guarda tezos Fundraiser wallet:

The Guarda tezos Fundraiser wallet is another type of hot wallet, which is available on the desktop and mobiles. It is a shielded wallet that was developed to store non-custodial digital assets.

The Guarda tezos Fundraiser wallet is built with the help of the Zcash foundation that benefits the privacy shells and transactions secure to the wallet.

It also allows the users to store, transact and transfer the digital assets securely from or to an android device.

The hot wallet is one of the most popular tezos Fundraiser wallets as it supports many high leveled currencies such as BTC, ETC, and many more.

Exodus tezos Fundraiser wallet:

Exodus tezos Fundraiser wallet

The Exodus tezos Fundraiser wallet is another kind of hot tezos wallet and one of the oldest wallets to be in the market. It has continued its popularity despite being old. The reason is it has three very unique features that no other wallet has.

Multi-coin: the wallet is a multi-coin wallet and can store different types of cryptocurrency simultaneously.

Portfolio tracker: The Exodus tezos Fundraiser wallet is also a portfolio tracker that can track over 30 fiat currencies.

Integrated service: The wallet provides the integrated service that is maintained by ShapeShift.

ZenGo tezos Fundraiser wallet:

Another hot, excellent wallet for tezos is the ZenGo tezos Fundraiser wallet. The thing that makes this wallet unique is that it is keyless. The wallet doesn’t require any key, password, or any seed phrase.

The wallet still manages to keep itself secure and safe because of its cryptographic method, which keeps the user in full control.

The Zego tezos Fundraiser wallet has a friendly user interface and very colorful giving out a nice first impression. The easy and well-developed functions allow users to switch between digital assets as fast as just clicking once and shifting between them.

The AirGap tezos Fundraiser wallet:

The AirGap tezos Fundraiser wallet

The AirGap tezos Fundraiser wallet is an interesting kind of hardware or cold wallet. It is an open-source mobile wallet that is to be the first hardware wallet on the mobile phone. The cold wallet uses two devices combined, namely: AirGap and AirGao.

With the AirGao vault application: users can sign transactions offline without any internet connection, and then the AirGap can broadcast them.

The AirGap tezos Fundraiser wallet is so secure that is=t is continuously detecting if any network is trying to connect with it or any screenshot is being taken while being online from a device.

Ledger Nano S and X:

The Ledger Nano S is the older version of X. They both are cold types of wallets and, they both are still up for users to buy. Although Nano X is the upgraded version of the Nano S, it only connects to the IOS devices whereas, Nano S has compatibility with both mobile phones and desktops.

Therefore all the android and desktop users still prefer the Nano S despite being an old version. It’s old doesn’t mean it is not supported. The Tezos foundation gives regular updates to both of the tezos Fundraiser wallets.

Final words

The hardware cold wallets might be ideal for one if he/she wants to keep his/her digital assets secure. But the cold wallets have a bit high maintenance compared to the hot wallets.

There are ample wallets one can choose from, in the end, it depends on personal choice and preferences. One wallet may look more compelling than the other to one individual, while the same wallets will switch their roles in the view of the other person.

The thing that matters is if one is interested in cryptocurrencies and Tez, they should buy one of the tezos Fundraiser wallets that suits them and start their investing journey!