The Rise of Non-Toxic Pest Control

The most natural reaction to finding your home has a pest problem is to want it dealt with as soon as possible. Homeowners in have been adding another request on top of that in recent years though—eliminate pests in a natural way.

Every home with pests has different requirements. No one wants their pest problem to be treated with an outdated, blanket method that has not been adapted for their specific needs. Too many pest control companies were rolling into houses with a “throw everything at the problem and see what sticks” style of pest eradication, and this does not work the majority of the time. Worse, this mass spraying of environmental contaminants is still causing issues today.

Safe Elimination

One of the top priorities of any quality pest control effort should be to solve the problem with the smallest impact on your home. It goes without saying that you and your family don’t want to be exposed to massive doses of spraying. This method should be a last resort. The occupants of the home, both people and pets, should have their lives disrupted as little as possible.

It is necessary to discover what the pest problem is exactly and then set about solving it safely.
Pest control is more than just spraying a poison about and hoping only what you want to die does. Whenever possible, find out the root causes of the infestation before considering how to eliminate it. The solution can often be a thorough survey of the premises to block the entrance and exit points the pests are using.

Going Green

Nearly 30 years ago, it became apparent that it was in the best interests of every homeowner to choose a more natural way to control pests. Many all-natural pest control companies and product manufacturers popped up in reaction, such as Pest Control Portland by Nature First Pest Control. Now that going green and organic has become a way of life for most people, choosing this way to look at pest control is what every homeowner who cares about the environment wants to do.

The pest control industry has embraced the demand for safe and efficient domestic pest products. Whether the pests are animal or insect, there is a treatment that will reduce and eventually eliminate the infestation. By looking at the problem holistically, the balance of nature can be rectified without any harmful impact on the garden or the house.

Made to Measure

Pest control needs to be more than a run-in, run-out service. Finding where the vermin or bugs are nesting takes time. It is a far better method to get rid of the source than treating the problem itself. Every home is different and will have its own particular pest problem. Be sure to customize your approach to pest control to fit the pest you’re battling, doing so in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, and if in doubt, call in a well-reviewed professional to do the job for you.