The Gardener’s Guide: Seven Types of Lawnmowers

If you live in the suburbs of Adelaide or Cairns, chances are you have a lawn you care about. The lawn is part of your property, and when ignored, it typically makes the home look unkempt. Many homeowners spend hours upon hours trying to get their lawns looking just perfect.

In honor of every lawn owner, we will be highlighting the different kinds of lawnmowers and how they can be used:

  • Rotary Lawnmowers: They’re made using a single blade that rotates horizontally, hence the name. The propeller-like characteristics make it one of the most versatile types of mowers, and are especially useful for cutting long and tough grass.
  • Cylinder Lawnmowers: These ones are made with three or more mobile cylindrical blades which rotate at the front vertically. The blades cut against a fixed blade at the bottom of the mower. They are great for flat, short lawns that need to be kept well-manicured.
  • Hover lawnmowers: As the name implies, this type of mower hovers over the ground. It uses an impeller to push air downwards, creating the hovering effect. This makes it easy to push across significant expanses of land. They are an excellent choice for mowing rough surfaces and unevenly shaped lawns.
  • Self-Propelled Lawnmowers: Unlike most mowers that need to be pushed in whatever direction you seek to trim in, these mowers are much easier to operate. All you need to do is steer them in the right direction. The result of this is that users are more comfortable when using it.
  • Grass Box Lawnmowers: Some lawn owners prefer to collect their grass clippings instead of leaving them on the lawn. The grass box lawnmower helps them do just that by collecting the clippings into the box at its back. It can easily be used for cleaning up medium to large-sized lawns.
  • Mulch Mowers: For some other lawn owners, the grass clippings are best left out on the lawn. Mulch mowers help with this subset of people. They shed the grass clippings and push them back into the yard as mulch. They are also known as recycling mowers.
  • Robotic Mower: Although it has been around for a while, it’s one of the more recent technologies in the gardening scenery. This mower can mow the lawn without the need for supervision. You can simply turn it on, forget about it, come to pick it up in a few hours, and your mowing would have been done. It works using a border wire that tells it the area to be mowed. They have become quite popular with people who don’t have spare time to mow their lawns.

Types of Lawnmowers


Mowing your lawn is the first rule of care for it. The kind of lawnmower you use depends on what you need. However, a good number of people may not be able to mow their lawns by themselves for various reasons. If you’re in that class of people, you can check out the Gardening service price guide to know the cost to get your lawn looking healthy.