The Benefits of a Herman Miller Office Chair and Why It’s Good To Have One For Your Home

Professionals working in jobs that require long hours of sitting can benefit from using an ergonomic office chair. And this applies to both office workers and work-from-home professionals. But it’s worth remembering that not all ergonomic office chairs are the same. It comes in various designs and material compositions. It’s best to pick the types or brands that create functional ergonomic office chairs, and Herman Miller office chairs are excellent examples.

Benefits of Using Herman Miller Ergonomic Chairs

Benefits of Using Herman Miller Ergonomic Chairs

Herman Miller ergonomic office chairs can come in various sizes, shapes, and designs that best fit an office or home-office setting. No matter what the superficial differences may be, all Herman Miller office chairs come with the following benefits:

Improve Posture

Improve Posture
Sitting for long hours can cause you to slouch a lot. When this becomes a habit, it can lead to the development of bad posture. The type of chair you are using can contribute to this problem. Using a good ergonomic chair can help remedy posture problems. Herman Miller office chairs are “posturefit” designed with a flexible backrest. A good alternative would be leap chairs by Steelcase office chairs. These office chairs can give ample support to your back and preserve your posture.

Prevent Upper Back Pains

Leaning on a rigid backrest for more than five hours can hurt your back. You could end up having regular back pains. Suffering from constant back pain is already burdensome, and it can even hamper your performance. A Herman Miller office chair’s “purefit” design can also provide comfort and back support that aligns with the curvature of your spine. This can help reduce the risk of back pain, especially on the upper back area.

Lower Back Support

A backrest can support your upper back area but what about your lower back area? Even if you have the best backrest, your lower back may still be at risk. That is why some ergonomic office chairs are also built with a seating design that helps align the hip and pelvic area. Herman Miller office chairs may have less padding on their seat area but that doesn’t reduce the comfortability you can get. This less padded seat still prevents pressure and strain on your lower back area. It also allows you to sit comfortably without having to adjust to a thinning pad.

Avoid Other Occupational Health Risks

Aside from upper and lower back pain, you can also acquire other health risks due to an improper sitting position. Sitting in a hard chair for long hours can prevent proper blood circulation in your body. Common health risks include cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and stroke, which are fatal. Herman Miller office chairs come in breathable designs both on the backrest and seat. These can save you from these deadly diseases.

Helps Lower Stress

Helps Lower Stress
Doing tons of work can already be stress-inducing. When you add in the discomfort and the body pains caused by sitting on an ordinary office chair, your stress could get worse. What’s more, it could start a cycle since stress can also aggravate your body pain. Having the right kind of office chair can work wonders in reducing your stress level and a Herman Miller office chair can help you achieve this.

Increase Productivity

The goal of incorporating ergonomics into the choice of office furniture is to increase efficiency in the workplace. Physical and mental well-being can contribute to increased productivity. Whether you’re working in an office or at home, when you’re able to maintain your peak health and avoid stress, you’re ready to do more. You’ll also be able to provide quality output.

Reasons to Use Ergonomic Office Chairs at Home

Reasons to Use Ergonomic Office Chairs at Home
A Herman Miller office chair may be very valuable in an office setting but whoever said you couldn’t have one in your home? And it’s not just in your home office that you can use an ergonomic office chair. Whichever workstation you have for whatever purpose that will require you to sit for many hours, you can always use an ergonomic office chair. Here are some reasons to use a Herman Miller ergonomic chair at home:

  • Home-based Work–When you’re a work-from home-professional, you are faced with greater responsibility on how you handle your tasks. You are expected to maintain a high level of efficiency from your clients. So you should be using an ergonomic chair to stay healthy and productive.
  • Home-Office–There are instances when you’ll have to bring some of the office work at home. If you’re benefiting well from an ergonomic chair in your office, you can also get the same benefit if you use it at home.
  • Recreation–If you’re a bookworm, you’ll understand the need for a comfortable seat. You can enjoy reading any book when you’re sitting in an ergonomic chair in the comfort of your own home.
  • Working on Projects–You could be working on projects that will need long hours of sitting down such as handcrafting or sketching. You can do these things while sitting on an ergonomic office chair.


Some people may be good at working under pressure, but when it’s the chair you’re sitting on that’s causing this pressure, your productivity is highly at stake instead. Manufacturers of Herman Miller ergonomic office chairs are determined to address their customers’ needs for comfort as well as aesthetics. There are many well-designed Herman Miller ergonomic chairs you can choose from, so you don’t have to trade comfort for function.