Stainless Steel Microwave Wall Shelves for Maximizing Space in Commercial Kitchens

Fitting commercial and residential needs, rust-resistant and heavy-duty microwave wall shelves are a solid space management solution. For ideal workspace optimization and boosting the efficiency of kitchen staff, install the open shelf type to ensure hassle-free access to the central object at every busy kitchen — microwave oven. Stainless steel ensures not only reliability, sturdiness, and impact resistance, but also compliance with hygienic standards. Easy to wash and disinfect, such microwave wall shelves won’t accumulate dust, food particles, sticky dirt. No stains will appear on the surface because of a harsh working environment or high humidity typical for commercial spaces. Simple practices will be enough to keep it clean and avoid bacteria growth.

Kitchen wall shelves for microwaves — your space-efficient solution

Handing a microwave shelf, make sure it’s not too high or too low and easy to reach. Meeting ergonomics standards, you will facilitate food prep procedures. If a wall mount microwave shelf won’t be at a comfortable level, it will lead to poor performance. When it comes to selecting the right size, remember that microwaves don’t have the same dimensions. Be careful to make only worth-your-money purchases. What are the benefits of mounting a shelf at the kitchen of your food establishment:
Kitchen wall shelves for microwaves — your space-efficient solution

  • a microwave oven is within reach: using the oven daily, make sure there are no obstacles on your way. Of course, there are other space arranging strategies related to the placement of appliances. Angling your oven in a corner of the countertop or hide it behind the cabinet doors may seem to be a good idea. But while such locations can perfectly fit your home needs, probably, it will challenge commercial kitchen staff.
  • steadiness and security: pick only stainless steel microwave wall shelves, as it withstands wear and tear, ensuring your devices are steady and won’t fall to the floor. Purchase a product with support brackets that you can attach to the wall for extra stability of a metal shelf.
  • versatility: such wall-mounted additional storage surface can serve not only as an oven holder, but also can be a great for keeping products, ingredients, containers, plates, and other kitchen tools. Moreover, apart from restaurants, cafes, pizzeria, this multipurpose functional equipment is great for your home, garage, utility and equipment room, or laundry rooms.
  • food safety: managing liquids spills and removing food debris right away are two really straightforward tasks with a little effort required. It will minimize contamination at commercial kitchens that can impact the quality of served meals. Sanitize the surface of a wall-mounted microwave shelf and wash your appliances daily to avoid microorganisms spreading.

Where to buy microwave wall shelves?

Where to buy microwave wall shelves
Want to keep a microwave oven accessible, choose AmGoodSupply wall shelves for securely holding your appliances. Stainless steel material allows withstanding the commercial microwave oven weight and maximizing valuable space. A waterproof, easy to assemble, anti-corrosion product will exceed your expectations. Preserve workspace by hanging your oven at a required level for trouble-free and quick access.