Outdoor Floors: How to Design Using a Resistant 1-Day Floor Coating?

What are Polyaspartic Floors?

Innovative designs and multiple function floors are now possible! Resin and urethane are high-tech materials that give smart solutions. Epoxy and polyaspartic floor coatings make the concrete steps super resistant. Also, one of the rising needs nowadays is UV -rays stable floors. Is it possible? Can you use polyaspartic floors outside? YES is the sole answer. And today’s article will tell you all about what you need to know as you use 1-day floor coating for your outdoor spaces.

If you live near the coast and the Sunshine state, you need this smart move to protect the floors from severe heat, especially during summer. Local experts had already proved how UV-ray stable coatings save the outdoor flooring from too much heat. The Polyaspartic Polyurea Orlando team provides fun facts about poly floors to help you learn more about them!

What are Polyaspartic Floors?


Add waterproofing, stain-resistance, chemical-repel, and scratch-resistance. Name it! You can have it! With these tech advancements, more needs arise among each person. One of today’s most sought-after solutions is UV-ray coatings for outdoor use. Now, the one claiming this title is the 1-day floor coating, the aliphatic polyurethane flooring.

In recent years epoxy floor coating is what most business owners prefer to design their spaces. But, the material cannot withstand the elements that occur outside. It is often useful for garage areas for its polished all-time clean flooring. Greasy areas love epoxy. And epoxy does not mind it. When the epoxy resin is exposed to too much sunlight, it breaks. Heat makes the material brittle. Also, heat from a piece of machinery reduces the strength of the epoxy-coated concrete.

So now, a more recent invention comes in the form of non-aromatic substances. This industrial material can expand under heat and does not emit harmful fumes. Being non-aromatic adds to the floor coatings’ flexibility. So, it is good with heat.

Using Polyaspartic floor coating outside


Among the things where urethane coating appears are on the floors. Epoxy flooring is taking home and business properties interiors to another level. But for making a less complex design with more heat-resistance and lasting strength, use a polyaspartic coating. The 1-day coat suits best the exterior setting.

When you use the one-day coating, you will reap these benefits:

  • LOW to ZERO Volatile Organic Compound.

Why does it matter to have a low VOC floor? What does low VOC mean? Good thing you ask, most property openers will not pay attention to this advantage.

Clients who completed their home improvement with epoxy flooring Minneapolis learned about this awesome benefit. When the concrete flooring is coated with a low VOC sealer, the indoor air quality improves. It helps to reduce cement gums and ashy compounds to dissolve into the air.

For that reason, Low VOC coatings such as polyurethane make a wise choice for finishing public use areas, garages, and outdoor floors because installing it over the surface means it’s safe to breathe.

  • Corrosion Resistant.

High forklift areas, heavy vehicle traffic, and constant use of massive machinery corrode the concrete surfaces.

The substrates also weaken. These are the typical reasons why commercial spaces spend too much for maintaining their interior and exterior floors. But when you use the 1-day coat among these spaces, you’ll save the floor from corrosion, and it will save you budget, too.

  • Minimal to Zero Downtime.

Imagine if you fix you outdoors, how will you move your vehicles, park cars, and move your way through concrete construction. That scene is true for you when doing maintenance and even outdoor repairs occur in your palace.

Minimize downtime and make sure that business goes as usual. You can do so when you use the poly aspartic floor coating to provide absolute protection to your outdoor floorings.

Wrap It Up

Wrapping up today’s facts and guide, be in the know. There are local experts you can call on and ask which material is best for your outdoor floors. Now you have the basics about polyaspartic floor. It’s time to go to a nearby flooring team of experts. Make smart decisions with smart solutions.