MEPITREE DESIGN STUDIO – The renovated Condominium project

First, this project has start from our couple client who buy the condominium in the Bangkok city from their friend. The requirement wanted the space that respond to their lifestyle. They area living as a couple and have one dog. So, the need only 1 bedroom as a master bedroom and the common area for their other activities. So as a designer we decided that to change the image of small space of condominium to be more friendly and housing space that match to their lifestyle.

mepitree 1

The furniture layout plan has been planning to have furniture as a center in the room to have a space of the walkway around the furniture function. So, the good thing after we used this layout plan is our client can all access in 360-degree direction. We used the glass frame that has sandblasted glass of moldings detail on it to separate the functional area. And for the flooring came from the teak collectibles that client has bought 10 years ago. We used the herringbone as a pattern for the flooring because this pattern will give more dimension of contrast in the space.

Classic Parisian is the styling we used to introduce our client character. They love dark color scheme. So, this room is the combination of classic Parisian and dark color scheme. The detail of the molding and classic design has shown on the decorated wall panel. The design pattern on decorated wall has been repeat for the harmony of atmosphere which ever its same or not materials they are.

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The charm of this project is we design the dark color in different materials and texture. The plane black color on the decorated wall have a semi-matt antique texture. The next panel wall is black coated mirror that has sandblasted glass of moldings detail on. The black from the top of furniture as a black Marquina stone. And the last materials of dark color have been used is the curtain as a gentle softly feeling around the space.

Even the challenge we have got to renovate the condominium not to look like a condominium anymore and add up the client character in the design is important too. Combination that shown the character design and lifestyle of our client makes this project unique like an art piece that have only one in the world. Designing the house is not just only the image was beautiful but the functional and design must relate with our client who own this condominium,

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Interior Design Project by MEPITREE DESIGN STUDIO, Thailand

Location: Bangkok, Thailand