Light Up Your Home Naturally With These Window Treatment Ideas

If you are looking for window treatment that allows natural light in while maintaining privacy, there are many options available. In Florida, it’s natural for most of the homeowners to look for ways to escape the sun rays. However, cutting off the natural light completely and relying on artificial light is not right also. So, here are some window treatments you can choose to enjoy natural light in your home while maintaining privacy.

  • Top down/Bottom up shades – Shades are great at light filtering and when you add the top down or bottom up settings, it’s like icing on the cake. With these settings you can control the light entering as well as the privacy you need in your space.

Pull the shades down and leave the top part open. This will allow the natural light to come from the top while keeping you and your family away from the prying neighbors. Roller shades come in different styles and colors and you can choose as per your room décor.

Window Treatment Ideas1

  • Cellular shades – Due to their unique construction, they can trap the air and allow for great temperature control. They are also available in exciting light filtering options such as blackout shades so you can have a control over the amount of light entering in your room.
  • Roman shade – with roman shades, you can choose the fabric that allow for light filtering and also allow for privacy at the same time. They give a sleek feel and are available in blackout and UV filter styles.
  • Plantation shutters – The classic window treatment of all times, Plantation shutters with large louver allow you to tilt the slats to your wish and adjust the amount of light coming in, so when the sun shines bright and harsh, you can lower down the slats and still enjoy the outside view. Look for manufacturers who offer high quality plantation shutters as the louvers can wear and tear bearing the harsh sunrays and other natural elements.
  • Sheers – When you want to turn the sun glare into dramatic lighting in your room, sheers are a great option. The sheer fabric comes in various colors and styles that block the harmful UV rays and gives a soft light effect creating an oasis of elegance and tranquil. These are perfect for large windows and you can choose from wide variety.

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