Invest in Lawn Seeding to Keep it Looking Great for Years

Just cutting your lawn on a set schedule and applying fertilizer a few times each season isn’t enough to keep your yard looking great. Regular seeding is part of an effective maintenance plan as well. In order to make sure your lawn is looking its best, you need to learn about proper seeding and how you can use it to treat all sorts of problems. This is something you can learn to do yourself, though many homeowners and business owners choose to leave this task up to the professionals instead.

What is Lawn Seeding?

Seeding a lawn is just laying down the right amount of seed to restore a lawn that’s been damaged in some way, usually because of natural problems such as a drought or pests. If your lawn is looking a bit rough and you want to bring life to it taking the time to seed it properly is a good step in the right direction. It’s a simple process to understand, but learning how to seed your lawn effectively can be time-consuming and difficult.

Why You Need to Seed Your Lawn Annually

Every year there is going to be something that happens to your lawn to kill off some of the grass. While turf grasses grow back on their own and they are capable of recovering from some problems without your help, without annual seeding your lawn is going to degrade a bit each year. That’s because there will inevitably be some damage that occurs to your landscape that it can’t recover from on its own. When you add seed to the lawn on a regular basis, you are adding life to your lawn and giving it the fuel that it needs to recover.

Adding the Right Amount of Seed is Surprisingly Difficult

Seeding your lawn isn’t as simple as just walking around and tossing seed down. There are special tools designed to help you evenly apply new seed to your yard, but often that’s not the best way to treat your lawn. Instead, you should be adjusting the amount of seed that you lay down based on the condition of that section of your yard. Experts understand how to do this properly, novices don’t have the experience to make that sort of decision just yet. Unless you’ve been seeding your lawn for years you likely won’t know how to change up how much seed you are laying down and you’ll have to stick with putting it down uniformly.

Have Your Lawn Aerated First For Best Results

Another common maintenance task that should be done around the time that you seed it is aerating it. Aerating your lawn is poking a bunch of small holes in the yard and actually removing plugs of the soil and lawn in the process. Doing this opens up your lawn to absorb nutrients, it gives space for your new seed to go and it just makes your lawn healthier overall. Before you take the time to seed your lawn you should have it aerated or take on the task of aerating it yourself. This project takes some time but it isn’t that difficult to get right. Rent equipment or buy a small aerator and get to work on your lawn right away. If you don’t want to spend several days aerating your lawn you can hire experts to do the work for you. Here at King Green lawn care, we offer seeding and aeration services both. Our experts have the right tools for the job and they understand how to treat your lawn for the best possible results. Add extra life to your landscape with a bit of help from our team and you’ll always know your lawn is in good hands.

Dress Up Your Aging Lawn with Regular Seeding

Just like the rest of your property your lawn will age and wear out over time if you aren’t regularly maintaining it. Make sure that your grass continues looking great every year by carefully maintaining it with the right procedures like seeding and aerating it. If you aren’t sure how to do all of this yourself you can always hire a pro to help you do these tasks as well.

Work with an Expert to See Your Lawn Most Effectively

Proper lawn care is time-consuming and work-intensive. If you don’t have the time or you don’t want to learn how to maintain your lawn you should consider hiring out the tasks to a good reliable company instead. With the right team working on your lawn it’s going to be healthier than ever and it will require less work over time to remain in good shape. You might find yourself spending less money on landscaping costs overall by getting maintenance right, and that’s why we suggest investing in regular aeration and seeding services for your lawn.