How VIZILOK Toilet Door Locks Can Improve Your Client Service? [Special Review]

“We offer specialized locks for sanitary toilets with indicators for wholesale employment and retail on our website.” – VIZILOK Sales Manager.

For years VIZILOK produces and sells toilet door locks that successfully help to ensure the privacy of your clients in public and private spaces. Locks for toilet doors from VIZILOK become increasingly popular because of the high quality of spare parts and materials. Tons of positive customer reviews have already proved this statement (90% of positive reviews on Trustpilot).

Today we’ll talk about VIZILOK’s unique solution for the problem of disturbances in private areas of public places – toilet indicator locks.

“We offer specialized locks for sanitary toilets with indicators for wholesale employment and retail on our website.” – VIZILOK Sales Manager.

What Are The Key Advantages Of Toilet Indicator Locks?


Toilet door locks sets with the indicator are designed to preserve clients’ privacy on the top level! This element of door hardware can seem to be an insignificant part, but as a matter of fact it can add a remarkable benefit for your customer service.

Your office visitors will notice this token of appreciation for sure!

What’s really important about this product is that these locks are provided with clear Vacant/In-Use indicator that minimizes disturbances. Also, it increases the longevity of toilet door locks because in the case of the “In-Use” indicator nobody will pull the door handle.

What Do We Know About VIZILOK Toilet Door Locks Assortment?

A big variety of door locks are in stock and some of the products are available under the order. Locks for toilet door differ in their configuration and models.

On VIZILOK online store you can find commercial grade toilet door locks, ADA-compliant door locks and heavy-duty door locks.

In addition, toilet door locks are covered in different finishes. All door locks are resistant to high humidity and temperature variations. All elements are designed to close the doors tightly.

Toilet Door Locks Most Popular Finishes

VIZILOK toilet indicator locks make it possible to complete the design of the toilet rooms, combining a functional device and a decorative object.

  • Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Satin Chrome
  • Antique Brass

Toilet door locks, which are distinguished by the opening mechanism, are produced with a very original appearance that you will never mix up with another brand or manufacturer.
See the complete selection of toilet indicator locks.

Why Toilet Indicator Locks By VIZILOK Are The Best Option For Your Business?


Indicator locks for toilet doors are popular in a big variety of facilities, so the pressure on locking mechanisms can be different. When broken, the hardware can be repaired or replaced.

Keep in mind that specialists do not recommend purchasing cheap models on markets and from the hands of casual persons. Moreover, as a sign of TOP quality, VIZILOK offers a one-year warranty guarantee on all toilet door locks.

Purchase toilet indicator locks in 2 clicks on the Vizilok internet store.

How To Install Vizilok Toilet Door Locks?

When installing the locks on the door, it is necessary to measure the space and to determine the position of the fitting. If there is more than one door, the elements shall be set at the same high. The marking of the gap points and fitting of the locks on the door shall be carried out.

In most cases – only a screwdriver needed to mount the lock, so the whole process will take only about 5 minutes.


If you want to buy quality toilet door locks you should make your choice on trusted places like This online store has a good reputation and a large number of positive customers’ reviews. Also, if you take care of your own privacy and privacy of clients in your public restroom – toilet indicator locks are the best choice. On the VIZILOK website, you’ll find more useful information about how to ensure privacy in public spaces and increase your customer loyalty.