How to Use a Flyer to Help Sell Your Home

A real estate fact sheet is a small document, usually printed on a flyer roughly 8 ½ inches by 11 inches in size, which provides key information about the property that is for sale. The idea is to give potential buyers all the information they would need to decide whether to view a property, and consider it as a potential purchase, in a simple and easily digestible format.

As simple as this idea is, there is plenty of room for people to do it wrong. If you are selling your home through a real estate agent, they may well take care of this for you. But if you are one of the growing number of individuals who is choosing to sell their house on their own initiative, or you would simply like to produce your own document to use in addition to your real estate agents’, here is a guide to the basic layout to follow when you create a flyer.

Think of a Creative Headline


Headlines are designed to encourage those who glance at them to stop and take in the rest of a document. Whether it’s a newspaper article, a blog post, or a real estate flyer, the same principles apply. If your home has an obvious selling point or unique feature, this gives you a natural target to focus your headline on.

Write a Brief Paragraph Which Describes the Property

Give as much detail as you can here, without overloading the reader. Most people who are looking to sell a home are concurrently looking for a home to buy. You should therefore have a good idea of the kind of information and criteria that other buyers will be looking for when considering properties. Aspects such as the architectural style of your property, its age, and any upgrades and renovations it has undergone, are all worthy of inclusion.

Take a Flattering Exterior Photo

Never underestimate how much difference the right photo can make. Sure, you can’t be held responsible for rain and overcast skies. But setting your house against a more sunny and inviting backdrop will make it much more tempting.

List More Specific Information

Here is where you can expand upon the brief information you have already provided. If, for example, you have already mentioned the property having some work done to it, this is a great opportunity to elaborate on exactly what that work was, and how it has changed the property. Also remember to include any information that you omitted from your brief summary earlier.

Add Contact Information

Don’t forget to include this! It is worth including your real estate agent’s contact details as well, although you should make them aware of this and ideally get their permission beforehand.

Print Multiple Copies

Once you have put together your flyer, the only thing left to do is to print multiple copies. It is worth spending a little extra to have them printed by a professional printer who can provide high quality paper. Choose something with a glossy finish in order to make it look more professional.

And there you have it! Simple, right? Don’t underestimate the difference that this document can make to selling your home when it is produced properly.