How To Protect Your Home Value After An Unattended Death

Losing someone close to you is tough for anyone to go through. It can be just as devastating to face the loss of a long-term tenant that you’ve built a friendship with. The emotions that come from grief are hard to deal with, but an unattended death adds more problems to the situation. We want to help you protect your home value with this simple guide. Find out how the cleaning process works, and let us take care of things for you.

What Is An Unattended Death?

A death is considered unattended when a person dies without the proper authorities being notified. If an individual passes away suddenly, then the body may not be discovered immediately. That may allow enough time for decomposition to start, and it creates a health hazard in the environment. It can happen due to several reasons, but the most common cause of unattended deaths is heart failure. This typically occurs with people who live alone.

How Does An Unattended Death Affect The Value Of My Home?

Unattended Death Affect The Value Of My Home

An unattended death can cause extreme damage to the interior of a home. The amount of damage depends on the circumstances of the death. A human corpse will drastically decompose within only a few days, but the body will begin to breakdown within hours of passing. Fluids filled with harmful bacteria will exit the body, and that creates an extremely strong odor. A majority of unattended deaths are discovered during the bloating stage of decomposition because of neighbors reporting the smell. Those contaminants are absorbed by the construction materials of your home. Any surfaces that come into contact with the body may need to be replaced, and entire sections of your home may need to be remodeled. Flooring will usually need to be removed, too.

How Can I Reduce The Amount Of Damages To My Home?

The first step to protecting the value of your home is cleaning the area as soon as possible. Our professional team at Advanced Bio Treatment cleans up after an unattended death. We make the environment safer by thoroughly disinfecting the interior of your home, and we remove biological hazards from the area. It’s important to know that you need certified cleanup professionals to properly treat your home. Specialized equipment is required to safely restore the building to its original state. You must have the affected area sanitized before attempting any necessary construction repairs. We offer services that handle decomposition cleaning and disposal.

Does An Unattended Death Pose Health Risks To Future Tenants?

Health Risks To Future Tenants
The aftermath of an unattended death can be deadly. Infectious diseases are an immediate hazard for anyone attempting to clean the area. Bloodborne pathogens can persist on affected surfaces for an extended period. The greatest risk to future tenants is exposure to deadly bacteria that result from decomposing tissues. These harmful substances can accumulate throughout the entire home. They can be absorbed between the walls and sub-flooring. If the area isn’t cleaned properly, then a subtle odor can remain for years to come. Having the property disinfected according to professional bio-hazard treatment standards is the only way to ensure the safety of occupants later on.

Help Is Available

If you’ve experienced the trauma of an unattended death on your property, then there are professionals available to help you through the situation. These professionals are dedicated to protecting your health from dangerous contaminants.