How to Know When You Need to Hire Exterior Painters

Learn more and let’s analyze some of the top indicators to check and know it’s finally time to update your exterior paint job. 

Painting your home’s exterior comes with a lot of benefits. For those wishing to sell their homes, painting ensures that it’s attractive to buyers and maintains its market value. For others, painting your home is an opportunity to customize it to your desired level.

However, most people do not readily understand the right time to hire an expert exterior painter to update their paint job. What are the signals? What are the factors you should consider?

Learn more and let’s analyze some of the top indicators to check and know it’s finally time to update your exterior paint job.

Discolored or Faded Paint

This is more of an obvious sign, but it can also be an indicator of underlying problems with your home. If you notice brown stains or streets on the discolored paint, you should consult your exterior painter on whether there is water or humidity intrusion in the walls.

In the issue of fading, the heat from the sun can largely contribute to it. However, if your paint job fades fast and turns to muddy beige or other colors, you should probably consider buying paint that is UV/fade resistant.

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There is Mold and Moisture Stains

While most people consider pressure washing moisture stains and mold, it is not necessarily the best solution. Most of the time, it is better to have an exterior painter near you examine the issue and advise accordingly.

As mentioned earlier, mold can be caused by moisture and water leaks, but it is often the type of paint you choose. Stains just need to be painted over unless there is extensive damage to the material.

When You Need to Change Your Exterior Color

This might happen if you just bought your new home or you’ve just realized that your initial color was not the right choice. This might also occur if you take the time to consider something new by choosing the right paint job colors.

Whether you have chosen the right colors or need help with it, hiring an expert exterior painter will come in handy.

After Replacing Your House’s Siding Material

You might also consider hiring an expert exterior painter near you after repairing your stucco or stone siding material. Sometimes replacing your siding material leaves some spaces with a no so uniform paint job.

Hiring an exterior painter helps you avoid the issue of leaving patchwork or streaks of unmatched paint on your beautiful house.

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If Your House is New

Most of the time, contractors leave just one coat of paint over the walls of your house. One coat is often insufficient in preventing shrinkage or swelling.

To ensure that your exterior paint job lasts for a while, hire an expert exterior painter to apply a good protective paint coat layer.

How Often Should You Paint the Exterior of Your Home?

While the recommended time frame for painting your home’s exterior is 5-10 years, there is actually no set timeline. Various factors can affect your exterior’s paint job, such as the quality of the previous paint job, weather, location, and climate.

These tips will help you determine when it’s the right time to get another exterior paint job.