How Buying the Right Chair Can Boost Your Wellbeing

These days, many people spend most of their day sitting, both when they are at work in front of a computer and once they get home and sit down in front of the television. Because of all this time spent sitting, the type of chair you use is particularly important. Using an uncomfortable chair can cause you to be sore and out of sorts. On the other hand, buying the right chair and using it regularly may be beneficial to your health. One type of chair to consider is a beanbag chair.

Makes Sitting More Enjoyable

The first reason to find a comfortable chair is to improve your overall sitting experience so you don’t wind up with sore muscles. If you’re at home, it’s nice to relax in a comfortable chair and read a book, watch your favorite show, or even take a little nap. These activities are much more enjoyable if you’re not uncomfortable because you’re using the wrong chair. Taking part in enjoyable activities may help limit your stress levels, increasing your overall wellbeing.

Limits Soreness Because of Poor Posture

Using the wrong chair can make a person more likely to slouch or sit with poor posture, which can lead to all sorts of problems, including everything from muscle pains to depression. Because of the way bean bag chairs are structured, they surround and support the whole body and help you keep your body in the correct sitting posture for good health. A comfortable, supportive chair will work wonders for all those annoying aches and pains and may even limit the number of headaches you have to deal with, as some types of headaches are caused by poor posture.

May Be Helpful for Kids With Autism or Sensory Issues

Some research shows that children with autism or sensory issues may find using a beanbag chair therapeutic. The beanbag chairs help provide them with some weight-bearing exercise for their muscles to improve their poor muscle tone and also provide some sensory input to help those with sensory integration dysfunction. Keep in mind, however, that some of these chairs work better than others for children with autism or sensory issues. Look for chairs with a soft and smooth cover and with memory foam filling rather than a more bean-like, bumpy filling.


You may also save money by purchasing a bean bag rather than a sofa or armchair. These savings may leave you with more cash to pursue other activities that improve your wellbeing or at least make it easier to pay all your bills and slightly reduce any financial strain you might be feeling while trying to outfit your home with suitable furniture.

For the most benefits to your wellbeing, look for a chair that feels comfortable and that offers the support you need to sit with proper posture. Seek out chairs using furniture-grade foam instead of scrap foam, and feel the cover material before purchasing to make sure it suits your needs. Those with pre-existing joint and muscle issues, pregnant women, and autistic children do particularly well with the extra full-body support offered by bean bag chairs. People typically need a variety of chairs to use for different purposes, but all of these chairs should promote health and well-being, so don’t just purchase the least-expensive chair that you find.