Furniture Removal Tips when Renovating your House

You want to maintain the quality of your furniture without it getting damaged during transportation. The best service provider for furniture removal is Shift as they have a full range of services on offer.

Renovating your house can be exciting and daunting at the same time. Exciting because you finally get the upgrades and changes you’ve wanted for a while, and daunting because of the challenge of working in limited space with furniture packed away in the centre. Or the task of finding storage space and transporting your furniture.

When renovating, you need to decide if you’ll operate from just a few rooms of your house as the works continue. Or if you’ll move away for a while and put your items in storage. This move depends on whether you are carrying out the majority of renovations on your own or engaging an architect and engineer to carry out the whole process for you.

You want to maintain the quality of your furniture without it getting damaged during transportation. The best service provider for furniture removal is Shift as they have a full range of services on offer.

Here are a few furniture removal tips when renovating:

Outsource Your Moving Labor

Moving heavy items of furniture within your household from one place to another can be a difficult task. As you would with a move out of your home, consider engaging in in-home moving services like Shift. They have a team of qualified professionals and are a licensed and insured company. They will come in handy if you need to move to a new home or transfer your furniture from one room to another or even transporting it to a different location.

Furniture Removal Tips1

Use A Portable Container

Depending on how much furniture you would like to move out of your home for the renovation period, you may consider hiring a portable container. Hiring a portable container would require you to have enough private land, like your driveway, to keep it. Should space be a limitation, you can find companies online that would store the portable container for you at a fee. They would then return it once renovations are complete. The portable container could be primarily for use with large furniture items. The smaller, more fragile items could remain in the house, stored away in labelled boxes for ease of access.


If your house has a lot of unused space, consider using some of the rooms as a storage facility during renovations. Self-storage is the most cost-effective storage option as you may only need to hire labor but will not need to pay for storage space. You may need to cover your furniture with protective material to prevent them from getting damaged during renovations during all the movement. For photos and portraits, it is advisable to keep them upright, to avoid stacking and breakage. For those with glass, put an X with masking tape on the glass to prevent breakage. Just ensure you invest in your self-storage option as emphasised on this article.

Furniture Removal Tips2

Store with Family or Friends

Should you have a limited budget, then paying for off-site storage facilities may not be a priority for you. However, it could be very taxing trying to weave your way around covered furniture and, at the same time, carry out renovations. Too much clutter will increase the chances of accidents, and you do not want any furniture ruined or unnecessary injuries. Before starting the actual works, when planning to renovate, talk to your friends and family. They may have spacious homes; create the possibility of storing your valuables and large furniture items with them for the renovation duration.

In Conclusion

The need for furniture removal is based entirely on the extent of renovations you are carrying out, your furniture’s size, budget, and the existing free space in your home. Suppose you can carry out renovations with the furniture centred in each room and covered up. In that case, this could be the most cost-effective method. However, you may need to roll up your carpet and put it away to prevent yourself from pressurising the contractors to keep removing their work boots.

Suppose you have a generous budget for your renovations and have factored in upgrading your furniture too. In that case, you can hire a furniture removal company like Shift Online to transport your old furniture to a charity home of your choice.

Suppose your furniture is high-end and made of sensitive material. In that case, you may want to consider storing it off-site for the best results. Remember, your home renovation plan is centred around bringing you joy, not sadness over damaged items.