Five Signs You Need a New Mattress

In the following article, we will discuss five signs that suggest that it’s time for you to replace your mattress.

Everyone knows the right mattress is like an ideal mate. You need a good one that gives you uninterrupted sleep because the rest of your day depends on it. But sometimes your mate can ditch you, and you need to switch it.

Consequently, this is the time when you start feeling uncomfortable, and your king mattresses stop performing like a king. They are no longer supporting, nor are they good enough to lie on. And if you don’t change them soon enough, they are going to cause sleep deprivation that might lead to extreme mental stress. So before your relation with your mattress becomes a source of distress, timely identification of these signs is advised upon. Moreover, acting on it is crucial. So do that by changing your mattress.

In the following article, we will discuss five signs that suggest that it’s time for you to replace your mattress.

1. Waking up more tired than ever

Usually, it is assumed that after sleeping, people feel well-rested. But if this is not the case with you, then get alert. If you are not suffering from any health symptoms like sleep apnoea or you don’t sleep with a snoring human partner, then that means your mattress is the real cause.

Consequently, your mattress is not letting you fall into deep asleep. And deep sleep is what helps your brain to function better and strengthens your memory. It is the healthy stage of sleep that is a must.
Waking up more tired than ever

In cases of lack of deep sleep, even though you are sleeping, both your body and mind are not at peace because the mattress is the source of discomfort.

Sleeping on such mattresses leaves you feeling more tired and restless. The reason behind this is that you subconsciously spend all night tossing and turning to gain a comfortable position. This is never achieved because your mattress isn’t letting you do so.

So if you want to say goodbye to bad nights and welcome some good ones, then it’s time for a change. Cut the roots of this underlying issue by replacing your mattress.

2. You feel stiffer and sore

Well, even though you are sleeping well, you might wake up sore. This is when your mind is put to rest, but your body has to bear the pain of it. In simple words, your muscles feel sore, and your back is stiff because the mattress lets you down in physical terms. You might feel delighted at night to get a comfy sleep, but in the morning, the real ordeal begins. The sooner you catch the cause of this physical pain, the lesser toll it will take on your health.

So if you have no other underlying reason such as heavy physical activity like sports or injuries due to some accident that might cause this discomfort, then you must take precaution immediately. Throw your old mattress before it costs you an expensive doctor’s visit. Usually, this is very common because the old mattress gradually loses its capability to deliver proper support with time. Even though your brain is at rest as it is accustomed to it, but your back and neck pain can suffer big time.

So if these aching signs are evident, then it means that the mattress is past its use-by date. Before they do permanent damage to your posture, you should invest in a new mattress. This way, you can not only have a good night but also start your day fresh.

3. Deformation is visible

The most obvious way to identify whether a mattress needs replacement is deformation. And unlike other indirect signs of replacement, this sign is a tell-tale indicator that is common for all sorts of mattresses. Because with time and use, all things deteriorate, as do mattresses. Mattress deformation can be in the form of sagging, spring breaking, foam softening, and lumps.

But usually, people ignore it, believing that it won’t do much damage. This is a huge misconception because mattress deformation is permanent, and it can have major repercussions on your health. There is no denying the fact that the springs will break down, the foam will get softer, and padding within mattresses will shift. This will lead to uneven density, which indicates that you will no longer be getting the support that you need.

So before your mattress breaks your back by getting saggy from bearing your weight, relieve yourself from it. This will save you from the long-term consequences like a bad posture, or pain that could become permanent over the years. Moreover, the highlight is that it will enhance the quality and quantity of your sleep.

4. The icky factor ‘allergies’

If you clean your bed daily and still get allergies, then either you have a skin problem, or your mattress is the culprit. Without any prevalent medical issue, if you wake up with rashes, blocked nose, scars, or pimples, then instead of making expensive visits to your dermatologists, or expensive splurging on skincare, you should instead invest in a mattress.
The icky factor ‘allergies’
Usually, the reason behind this is that with time, no matter how much you clean, the foam does catch dust mites. These dust mites feed on the dead skin cells that your skin might shed overtime. As a result, they can cause horrible allergies that can result in watery eyes or painful cough, which refuses to go.

It is gross and unhygienic, indeed. So before it causes more harm to your skin, you should change your mattress by visiting your local store or ordering one online. These allergies are signs that your mattress has reached its saturation point.

5. Age always matters

Age is a factor that affects all. Even though there might not be visible signs, age does make one feeble. This is true for mattresses as well as they also have lifespans of usually 7-10 years, some even less. That’s why it’s important to choose a high-quality mattress.

Since mattresses are a big investment, you might not want to replace your old one. But in reality, big investment replenishes and need further investments without any real cause. It is the time that takes its toll. It might not seem convincing, but if you hold things longer than their expiration date, it can have drastic and unfavorable effects.

So your mattress might not show visible signs of reaching the end of its lifespan, but you will feel a sinking feeling when you lay on it. And when your mattress pulls you down like that, its time that you need to replace it.

The Final Word

Without further ado, you should invest in a mattress. A wise idea would be to benefit from all year sales and get your hands on the latest, technologically equipped mattresses that promise a sound sleep experience and comfort.

More than that, these advanced mattresses are equipped with proprietary sensors that examine your sleeping patterns. You can pick from a variety of mattresses in terms of brand and type available in the market.

As you need a good support system in life, your sleep also needs the support of a good mattress. Since you now know the signs of an unsuitable mattress, you shouldn’t compromise your sleep and deprive yourself, as everyone deserves the slumber of their dreams.