Coffee Mugs and How They Make Your Kitchen Stylish

Color is an important element in decorating. The color you’ll pick for your home can affect the mood of the people and the ambiance of the space. Since the bedroom and kitchen are used for different purposes, they should be painted in different colors. All of the items placed in the area should also follow a certain color scheme. These are just some of the reasons why you should pay attention to the color choices in your home.

The kitchen plays a vital part in your home. Aside from being the place where you cook and prepare meals, the kitchen can also be a space for bonding and creating memories with your friends and family. If you’re looking for a cheap and unique way of making your kitchen stylish, using coffee mugs as your décor might be the solution you need. This uncommon decorating idea can surely make your kitchen stand out.

Coffee mugs come in a wide variety of options. You can now buy ceramic coffee mugs or mugs that come in unconventional shapes—think of mugs that look like a cactus, or one that resembles the colors of a watermelon. That said, here’s how coffee mugs can make your kitchen stylish:

1. Use Coffee Mugs In Different Colors To Create Different Moods

Color is an important element in decorating. The color you’ll pick for your home can affect the mood of the people and the ambiance of the space. Since the bedroom and kitchen are used for different purposes, they should be painted in different colors. All of the items placed in the area should also follow a certain color scheme. These are just some of the reasons why you should pay attention to the color choices in your home.

If you want to improve how your kitchen looks, start by looking into the colors of the coffee mugs you’re going to use. These items, although small, can significantly change how your kitchen looks and feels. With the number of colors present in the color wheel, you’ll be able to pick a coffee mug that can achieve the overall look and mood you want for your kitchen.

To help you choose the right colors for your coffee mugs, consider the following color suggestions:

  • Red: Red is considered as the warmest color, and can be very invigorating and stimulating. However, keep in mind that too much red in one space can also shorten the temper of a person and increase their irritability. Red is also one of the best colors to use in the kitchen as it stimulates hunger. If you’re leaning towards this direction, make sure to use coffee mugs that come in different shades of red and use them moderately.
  • Yellow: Yellow can foster an upbeat attitude and can inspire optimism. If you recently found your love for baking or cooking, decorate your kitchen with coffee mugs that are in yellow. Just make sure that you’re using ones that have very light tones.
  • Blue: A lot of people love the color blue—and because of the variety of feelings it evokes, you don’t have to wonder why. The color blue can trigger feelings of order, calmness, and clarity. This is the perfect color to use if you usually do your thinking in the kitchen or work hard in your meal preparations. The sensation of peace and quiet that this color produces can help you relax when you’re struggling in the kitchen.
  • Green: Green can have similar effects as blue, but this color is more associated with the natural world and the outdoors. When used moderately, seeing green in your kitchen can improve your mood and soothe your senses.

2. Hang Them On Racks For Convenience And Style

Coffee mugs are used by different family members regularly. Adults will usually start their days by drinking a hot cup of coffee the moment they wake up. Some can’t even function well without drinking their cup of Joe first thing in the morning. As a fun and creative way of storing your coffee mugs, consider hanging them in different ways in different areas of the kitchen. This décor idea will surely improve how your kitchen looks, and provide convenience to the entire household because they can easily locate their favorite coffee mugs.

There are actually a lot of ways on how you can store your coffee mugs. You can place your family’s coffee mugs in cupboards or drawers underneath your sink. These storage hacks are common and don’t provide any aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. You’re merely hiding all of your coffee mugs and can cause inconvenience to family members when they’re looking for it.

For you to save time and effort when looking for your favorite coffee mug while being able to create an attractive kitchen, take note of the following decorating tips:

Hang your coffee mugs on top of your kitchen island to create a rain-like effect. This tip can be suitable for people who are fond of collecting coffee mugs or who belong in a large family who owns a lot of coffee mugs. You can choose to hang your coffee mugs in one straight direction or place hooks randomly for a scattered look.

Dedicate one wall of your kitchen and use it solely to hang your coffee mugs. Depending on your availability and interest in DIY projects, you can use a piece of wood and attach hooks to it, or use a pegboard instead. This idea can work well regardless of the types of coffee mugs your family owns. Just make sure that you’re using sturdy materials, and the hooks are secured in place to avoid the coffee mugs from slipping off.

You can also use wine barrel stave to hang your coffee mugs in one line. Several home depot stores now sell wine barrel staves that can be used as a coffee mug rack. Because of its wooden finish, this idea can work well for kitchens that have a rugged or rustic theme.

Keeping all of your coffee mugs in one place can maintain the organization of your kitchen. When hung with different colored mugs, this area can add a pop of color to your kitchen, making the space look more inviting and interesting!

3. Invest In Decorative Mugs

Coffee mugs are used in the same way—for drinking—but that doesn’t mean that all coffee mugs come in the same sizes and shapes. In fact, different businesses around the world are now selling coffee mugs that come in unusual shapes, sizes, and designs. Investing in these kinds of coffee mugs are one of the easiest ways to make your kitchen stylish.

When choosing what decorative mugs to place in your kitchen, consider the overall theme of the space and your home. Does your home have a modern or contemporary theme? Do you want your kitchen to look luxurious or elegant? Once you’ve determined what theme you’d like your kitchen to have, it’ll be easier for you to choose what decorative coffee mugs to buy.

To give you an idea of your available options, here are some decorative coffee mug ideas:

  • Coffee mugs made from porcelain can be purchased all around. These kinds of mugs usually have intricate designs and colors. Some of the most common choices available for porcelain coffee mugs are ones that resemble a flower, with its stirrer and saucer looking like the stems of roses. Because coffee mugs made from porcelain are delicate, it’s best to use them if you don’t have any kids living with you or if you regularly place these in high areas.
  • For a fool-proof way of adding color to your kitchen, look for coffee mugs that come in rainbow colors. These coffee mugs are usually hand-painted using different colors, or create a stained glass effect. Some rainbow-colored coffee mugs can also come in a mosaic design. Depending on the material used and the intricacy of designs, rainbow-colored coffee mugs can be expensive.
  • If you want your coffee mugs to be unique, look for coffee mugs that are decorated with clay. Clay is a very moldable material, allowing you to put any designs on your coffee mugs. Several companies sell coffee mugs with personalized clay accessories. You can choose to buy from them or make one of your own.

4. Use Coffee Mugs As Centerpieces

Your kitchen will never be complete without tables. This furniture is a requirement for your kitchen to become functional and useful. Where will your guests and friends eat if you don’t have any table in your kitchen? Where will you serve all of the meals you’ve prepared if your kitchen isn’t equipped with a decent table? And while everyone in the world uses their tables in the same ways, using coffee mugs as centerpieces can make yours different and stylish. Coffee mugs are used for drinking, but today, you can also use the same in creating colorful centerpieces.

Using the right centerpiece can become your kitchen’s focal point. A well-prepared centerpiece can tie down all of the decorative elements in your kitchen, making the space more cohesive and consistent. A centerpiece basically serves as the icing on the cake—and by cake, this means your kitchen’s overall interior design.

Using coffee mugs as centerpieces are uncommon, but with the right theme and design, you can successfully apply this idea in your own kitchen. To help you get started, here are some coffee mugs centerpieces that you can try today:

  • Coffee Mugs With Flowers: Vase and fresh flowers always go together. After buying or picking flowers, you will immediately get a vase, fill it with water and place the flowers inside it. Spice up your kitchen by swapping your vase for a coffee mug. Coffee mugs can also work well as vases, especially coffee mugs that are tall and narrow. A coffee mug filled with all sorts of flowers can add brightness and cheerfulness to any kitchen!

If you have several coffee mugs to spare, don’t limit yourself in using one when creating a unique centerpiece. You can actually line up several coffee mugs on the table and place them with different flowers. This is a cheap and very easy centerpiece idea.

  • Coffee Mugs With Succulents: Placing plants indoors can be very beneficial. Plants can purify the air in your home, remove harmful toxins, and reduce your stress levels. If you want to bring the outdoors in, place succulents in your coffee mugs. Since succulents are small plants, using tiny coffee mugs can do the trick. If possible, fill several coffee mugs with succulents and arrange them neatly in one area of your kitchen.

For a contrasting look, consider using coffee mugs in different shapes, styles, and sizes. Coffee mugs that are small and wide can create a statement once placed alongside coffee mugs that are tall and slim. Don’t be afraid to place your succulents in plain-colored and printed mugs, too. The use of assorted succulents and coffee mugs can make your kitchen different in a very good way.

  • Coffee Mugs Based On The Season Or Occasion: Certain seasons and occasions should always be celebrated. These celebrations are usually part of a family’s tradition. When using coffee mugs as your centerpiece, consider the season you’re in right now. For example, if the holidays are fast approaching, create a Christmas coffee table centerpiece. Simply use an old piece of wood (which can come in a circular or rectangular shape) and decorate it with a coffee mug and Christmas tree. The same idea also works for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

If you think this idea works well with the kind of kitchen you have right now, consider customizing the coffee mugs you use based on the season or occasion. If your centerpiece is going to be used for Christmas, look for coffee mugs that have a Santa Claus print on it or one that comes in colors of green and red. For Halloween, a coffee mug that comes in orange and is painted to look like pumpkin can be an excellent idea. Coffee mugs that are printed with hearts, have sweet dedications or are colored red can perfectly fit Valentine’s.

Your Creativity Counts

Coffee mugs are a staple in every home. More often than not, every family member owns at least one coffee mug. But aside from using your coffee mug as a mere container for your favorite beverages, extend its functionality by using it as décor in your kitchen. Use this article as your guide in decorating your kitchen and consider other resources, too; just don’t forget to let your creativity shine when you’re decorating your kitchen!