Best Ways to Clean Long Hair off the Floor

Irrespective of what could be the reason for reading this, I’ve compiled practical tips that would help you clean up long hairs off the floor. Four possible ways that have worked for quite a long time will be discussed extensively.

Do you have long hair? Then, there is no doubt you may have a shedding problem. A woman relates her personal experience regarding her long hairs on the floor. She explains that there was a day her son pooped out one of her hairs. She couldn’t think too far about why it happened. She assumed the boy found the hair on the floor and swallowed it. Even though hairs are not harmful, intestinal issues could stem up if your child consistently eats it.

Well, if you don’t have toddlers, you might not have to worry about kids swallowing hairs. Nevertheless, you must maintain vigilance regarding hairs on the floor. Ensuring that you have a floor that is free off hair is a boost to your hygiene.

Irrespective of what could be the reason for reading this, I’ve compiled practical tips that would help you clean up long hairs off the floor. Four possible ways that have worked for quite a long time will be discussed extensively.

1. Apply Damp Rag

Ideally, the majority of female folks today brush their hairs in the bathroom. However, sometimes, that might not be what happens every day. For example, a person might be running late and would have no choice than to brush the hair either in the room or in the lounge.

Even though you could have to brush the hair in the bathroom where you usually brush, you must clean it up immediately after brushing the hair. That is one of the best ways to maintain a hair-free floor. Why this is also vital is because if you fail to clean it up immediately, it will take no time for the hairs to start transporting itself from one angle to another angle, and before you get to know what happens, it’s found its way in places you could never think of. So, how can you be sure you are doing this efficiently?

First, since efficiency is what you crave, it would be reasonable to use only a wet rag or cloth and immediately wipe off the area where the hair has been brushed. You could even extend your hands beyond that area to ensure that they have not whisk to those areas.

Using a wet rag will make the hair cling to rag. This will then take away all the hairs that have shredded. You might need to do this repeatedly so you can be sure you aren’t leaving any hair behind.

An important tip you should think about is that you might need a flashlight to aid clear sight and to be sure that you aren’t leaving any strand behind. Additionally, if you can’t make it immediately after brushing the hair, as soon as you return from work, make it the first thing to be done.

Moreover, if you have teenagers or adults at home, you could teach them, so even when you don’t have the time, you could hand it over to your son or daughter.

2. Employ Sticky Roller

The first method I mentioned earlier requires no investment, but it can come with some certain constraints and again it might not be ideal for all places. Take, for instance, if you brush your hair on the couch, using a wet rag might damage your sofa. And there might be some soft regions that using a damp rag might not be valid for. Effectively, sticky roller comes handy!

A sticky roller will do a quick cleaning of the region where you’ve brushed your hair. It is perfect for areas with soft surfaces and couches. Thus you don’t run the risk of ruining anything. Many users have admitted that over the years, hairs are often attached to the sofa. Thus, the sticky roller would become the savior here.

There are different brands of sticky rollers in the market today. Instead of going for the expensive ones in the market. For a start, you could invest in an inexpensive type. Just that after purchase, carefully handle and familiarize yourself with the manual before you attempt to use it.

3. Wipe around the Zinc

This method is especially for those who brush their hair in the bathroom. Those hairs could be stopped from going down the drain. If you let your hair go down the drain, it could lead to clogging or blocking of the drain. Therefore, each time you style or brush your hair inside the bathroom, don’t forget to drain the zinc immediately.

You may be stunned at how much hair you will collect. Well, how would you do it? Dip a rag inside clean water, then use it to wipe around the shower or the zinc area. If you fail to do it this way, the hair will make way to the drain causing you lots of bucks either to repair or replace.

In order not to forget, as soon as you enter the bathroom to style or brush your hair, go in with the damped towel. Then as soon as you are done, clean it immediately. Isn’t that simple? And if you continually do it, it will become your habit.

4. Vacuum the Floor

And this caps it all. You might have to invest in a vacuum cleaner for your floor. It’s not because the earlier ones are ineffective. But using a vacuum cleaner will require that you thoroughly clean the floor at least once in a month. Doing that will take care of remnants or residues even after ensuring that you do immediate cleaning. You’d be surprised that even after your quick cleaning; your vacuum cleaner will still pick some hairs.

Some vacuum cleaner in the market today comes with a self-cleaning brush roll. And this is effective for homes with carpets. Thus, you can comfortably clean all the hairs without worry. Also, irrespective of your floor type, a vacuum cleaner will serve you well.

As a reminder, you don’t have to get a costly brand. And before you make your purchase, first read reviews online to be sure of what you are investing your money on.


What a comfort that you can now clean up your long hairs off the floor! Isn’t that amazing? Yes, apply any of these methods highlighted and have the confidence that comes from owing a hair-free floor that wouldn’t put anyone at risk, nor will it cost you money for repair and total replacement. Yes, it is indeed possible to have a hair-free floor.