5 Ways to Improve Your Bathroom

Traditionally, bathrooms have a simple tub and a toilet. However, modern bathrooms are elaborate in terms of space and design. The current bathrooms are designed in a way, they can easily cater to the needs of people. Although it is tough to install a Jacuzzi in your bathroom, there are several creative ways to upgrade this space. Following are a few mind-boggling ways to magnify the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your bathrooms:

1. Transition Your Tub into an Elaborate Shower


Every plumber knows shower conversion is the easiest way to upgrade a bathroom. Even if the bathroom is small in size, you can easily create an attractive space for yourself. It is best if you settle for glass doors for the shower. You can also get plastic plantation blinds at half price to embellish your restroom. A lot of people are settling for luxury showers because they give you an experience of a lifetime. Furthermore, if you aren’t comfortable with standing while a shower, you can incorporate a shower seat. If you have mobility problems, transitioning the bathtub into a spacious shower is also a good idea.

2. Choose The Right Color Scheme

If you go back in history, most bathrooms were always painted in white. However, now people are incorporating different colors to uplift the aesthetic appeal of their restrooms. Give a modern touch to your bathroom by settling for multiple colors. Especially when you’re deciding on the tile colors, go for different patterns. Some common examples of trendy colors are blue, bold jewels, greens and matte brown. Contrary to this, if the walls are painted a certain color, change them with something good on the eyes. Despise choosing dark colors as they make a large space look smaller.

3. Incorporate a Unique Mirror


Do you know, a unique mirror can suffice for the entire look of your bathroom? Most bathrooms have the traditionally designed square mirror. Replace the typical old mirrors with something classy or a shape that stands out. As soon as you combine it with vanity lights, the entire vibe of the bathroom will change. Not to forget, a bathroom is a place where everyone is vulnerable and can easily walk without clothing. So it is imperative that you give strong thoughts to your comfort zone. Updating the bathroom mirror is a perfect method of making it more attractive than ever. Secondly, classy mirrors don’t cost a lot of money, so you can easily work within a budget.

4. Modernize The Flooring

Have you planned anything to change about the bathroom floor? Now is the right time, you can invest in your bathroom tiles. It is best to choose natural stones such as granite, porcelain and marble. It will not only give your bathroom an elegant look but will also emanate classy vibes. Especially if you’ve been using the old linoleum floor, you will witness a significant change in the entire place. Although a lot of people are opting for vintage style bathrooms, it is best if you make your choice wisely. Right now, it is best for you to choose something coherent with the rest of the modern bathrooms in the house.

5. Choose The Right Lighting


Strong lighting has a strong impact on everyone’s moods. Chuck out the old fluorescent bulbs and bring in LED lights. If you want to have control over the lighting in the bathroom, don’t forget to install a dimmer switch. This way, you will easily be able to adjust the lighting in every part of the house. For instance, you can dim the bathroom lights when relaxing in the bathtub. Currently, a lot of people are choosing LED lights because their energy is efficient and can jazz up any room in the house. So if you share the same thought process, it is best to settle for them.