5 Tips How to Create a Beautiful Writing Space For Your New Home

So, here are fantastic ideas to help transform your writing space.

Close those beautiful eyes of yours for a minute. Now imagine what your ideal writing space should look like via your mind’s eye. What do you see? Well, you don’t have to say it because every writer would undoubtedly want to have a beautiful writing space.

But your budget might be the only stumbling block. There is a limit to what you can afford with a limited budget. But a writer’s writing space is sacred. According to Thesis Geek, every element in such a workspace should be a slave to your imagination. It should also enhance your productivity.

So, here are fantastic ideas to help transform your writing space.

1. Decide The Area For Your Writing Space

The first thing is to choose your writing space. Where do you think will be the most conducive for you? Some people enjoy working in a quiet environment. If you are one of them, then make sure your workspace is a room or area with less noise.
Decide The Area For Your Writing Space

Also, your workspace can be a whole room in your new apartment. Or you can carve out an area in your home. If there is no empty room in your new property, then you can get creative. Use any comfortable nook or little corner in your home. It could be a cozy corner around your room or underneath your stir case. Whatever be the case, ensure you are comfortable working in that area.

2. Consider Comfort And Seek Inspiration

These two aspects are essential. We are talking about your convenience and feelings while in your writing space. We are talking about creating a positive atmosphere, as there are days when you will require that to push through the day’s work. Of course, writing can sometimes be tiring and boring. But how about having a picture of great writers (your mentors), beautiful artwork, or quotes, hung on the wall, opposite your writing desk?

Just staring at them alone can give you the strength to press on with work and get tasks done, you know. You can even have a picture of you and your loved ones placed on the wall opposite your desk, if possible. Just put anything you feel will beautify your writing space and give you some inspiration to get your tasks done.

Talking about comfort, you need to choose the ideal writing desk. In other words, your desk must not be too large or too vintage because you want to make a statement. If you have a small space to use as your home workspace, try installing a modern floating desk. Some have built-in storages, which you can use to store your writing materials or tools.

The built-in storage will make it easier to declutter your desk and help you stay organized. But ensure the desk is not too big to the point that it starts obstructing movement in the room. Also, have in mind that the wider your writing table, the more the temptation to store things you don’t even need on it.

3. Declare Your Love For Plants

There are numerous benefits you can get from adding potted plants to your writing space. According to some studies conducted, staring at or being where green plants are, can help you relax better and also boost your creativity.
Declare Your Love For Plants
Your creativity and being in the right state of mind are two things of value to writers. So, start beautifying your new workspace with plants. But first, ensure you get a plant that can thrive even with little care.

You can consider using an air plant. These category of plants are suitable for office settings and don’t require constant watering; thus, they are super easy to take care of.

Below are examples of plants you can use

  • Bamboo arrangement
  • Mini succulents
  • Color orchids
  • Snake plant
  • Venus flytrap
  • Dog bonsai potted plant
  • Money bonsai tree
  • Ocean spider plant

So, you can choose any of the above plants to decorate your writing space. They are all lovely plants that can transform your work environment and keep you in touch with nature.

4. Boost Your Productivity

Anything you add to your workspace should help to enhance your productivity. You also have to ensure there are no distractions around your writing space as well. Keep the washing machine, vacuum cleaner, TV, video games, and any other thing that may disturb your peace of mind, away.

The thing is, seeing your washing machine or vacuum cleaner can distract you. Looking at these home appliances will remind you of the need to clean the house all the time, which isn’t a bad idea. But by the time you finish cleaning or washing the clothes, you will discover you are already behind schedule.

On the other hand, if the writing space you were able to carve out is close to where there is too much noise, then get yourself the noise-canceling headphones.

5. Lighting Arrangements

Lighting is one of the crucial things you need to consider when deciding on your new workspace. Ensure your desk is where there is an ample supply of natural light. The idea of having your electric bulbs on all the time during the day would increase your electricity bills.
Lighting Arrangements
Instead, consider using natural light during the day and electric bulb at night, if you plan to work late at night. You can also choose LED bulbs, which do not consume too much energy and are next to natural light in terms of brightness.


Your writing space should have everything that inspires you to write. It should also be comfortable for you. You can take the ideas listed on this post into consideration. Just make sure the area where you chose to do your writing is conducive to work. And remember, there are many ways you can beautify your workspace. So, get creative and do the right thing to enhance your productivity.