4 Easy Tips to Light Your House the Right Way

Famous Interior Designer Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz once said “Light is the magic ingredient that makes or breaks a space”. And he was absolutely right too. While you need bright lighting for a home office, it would be a mood-killer in a romantic dinner! An effective lighting design is like an artwork in itself.

It highlights all the right places in the interior and creates a warm and welcoming ambiance. Now, if you’re working with a lighting designer, this process becomes so much easier. But if you’re tackling the lighting design of your home yourself, you will surely need as much help as you can get. Here are some easy yet effective tips for lighting your house that will surely enhance your interiors.

Use Lighting as Art

Light Your House the Right Way

Start looking at your lighting as not just a necessity but a part of your home decor and you will see its true potential. There are so many beautiful lighting fixtures in innovative designs that are as good as any art piece. Choose bold designs with interesting details, sculptural shapes, vibrant colors or contemporary finishes. And if you have the budget, go for custom handcrafted lights by exceptional designers like khalima lights. It is a family-owned and operated coppersmith business that creates amazing custom handcrafted Lighting made in Wadmalaw Island, Charleston, SC. Their light fixture craftsmanship is stunning and is more affordable than you might think.

Layer Your Lights

Having a single type of light in the room is not just boring, but also uninspiring. If you want to make your room feel inviting, the easiest way is to layer the lighting. So, if you just hang a chandelier in the center of the room, it will fell dark and dreary in the corners. Use wall sconces to light up the corners and uplights wherever you need them. Use low-voltage lights in closets and cabinetry and bright lights to highlight an art piece or decor item. Layering lights can help light up a room properly without making any part of the room feel neglected or unwelcoming.

Consider the Direction of Light

Use Lighting as Art
While we pay attention to the design and voltage of our light fixtures, we often forget about the direction of the lights. But lighting direction can play a big role in making a room feel welcome. The right amount of lighting enhances the way we live. But if all your light fixtures give downward light, your ceilings may look neglected. When you want to highlight a ceiling design or architectural feature, you can use lights with upward glow. They can bring depth and create uniform lighting in the room.

Use Natural Light Wisely

Natural light is the most welcoming light that can brighten any interior. It can easily cheer up a dark and cold room with its warmth and brightness. You can also play with light to create drama and intrigue. Use this natural light wisely to make your rooms cozier. Try to include as much natural light in a room as you can with large windows, French doors, skylights etc.

The right lighting can enhance the look of a place and at the same time bad lighting can make it look dreary or over bright. However, these tips can help you get the right balance of lighting to make your interiors look exceptional.