10 Pool Maintenance Tips for Your Home

On top of that, a pool helps to improve the appearance of your home. It adds value to your home so you should always make an effort to maintain. Maintaining your pool means that you will also keep your home in an attractive state such that it can fetch better money in the event of selling the place.

Worried about maintaining your swimming pool in good appearance? As you read through the details below, you will realize that keeping a pool in its beautiful state is not a very difficult task. There are some routine care activities that you should be capable of doing.

Always bear in mind that a swimming pool offers you recreational facilities at your home so it should still be in a good state. You can swim and relax with family, and this is good for your health and peace of mind. You can also host weekend parties by the side of the pool, and the place is just right for photography. Taking a nap by the pool is another better way of relaxing in comfort at your home.

On top of that, a pool helps to improve the appearance of your home. It adds value to your home so you should always make an effort to maintain. Maintaining your pool means that you will also keep your home in an attractive state such that it can fetch better money in the event of selling the place.

Skim the pool

The task of skimming the pool involves the removal of dead leaves and other unwanted debris floating in the water. These undesired elements can lead to the formation of algae if left in the pool for an extended period. This will lead to contamination of the water and can affect the health of the users of the swimming pool. You need to use a skimming basket to remove the debris and perform this action every day.

Scrub the pool walls and floor

You need to scrub the walls of the pool manually using a brush or piece of cloth that wet with chlorine. The primary purpose of cleaning the walls is to prevent algae from building up. The green material in water in the pool is not recommended at all. This leads to contamination of the water the pool by specific microscopic organisms that may not be visible to a naked eye.
You can also use a robot vacuum cleaner to scrub the bottom of the pool. You should make sure that you clean the walls and floors of the pool at least once every week or fortnight. When the walls are clean, the water will always look sparkling clean.

Clean the filter

The swimming pool filter cleans a variety of impurities found in the water. This component should always be clean such that the water will always be sparkling clean and free of unwanted elements. The filter is on the deck of the pool within the water cycle system, so you remove the cap and clean it of any impurities. You can perform this action at least once a week.

Make sure that chemical levels are appropriate

Different chemicals are used in the pool to maintain the quality of water at desired levels so that it does not irritate the skin. The compounds are also used to kill bacteria so that the water does not become a health hazard. Therefore, maintenance of appropriate chemical levels in your pool is one of the significant activities of quality pool maintenance. You can test the water using testing kits, and it should not produce any scent. You can also use regular baking powder to maintain the alkalinity of water. However, you should make sure to keep the PH level.

Regularly check the water level

Testing the water level is a crucial element of pool maintenance since the level of water should always be constant. You can physically check this level usually after a massive storm or after use of the pool. You can either add some water if the level is high or drain it when the water level is too high. You should always remember to check the balance of chemicals after maintaining the water level within your pool.

Shock the pool

Add large quantities of chlorine to the water in the pool to remove the odor that is usually produced by pools. This also helps to prevent the buildup of bacteria and other undesired microscopic elements. You need to make sure that the water in the pool is circulating correctly.

While the water in the swimming pool may appear clean, there are contaminants and other particles that build up over time. These particles are detrimental to health, and they can lead to water-borne diseases. To avoid this situation, you need to shock your pool once every fortnight and make sure that the chemical levels are maintained after that.

Remove oils from pool water

You can perform this function by using the tennis ball. It sucks all the oils that may come from body lotions and hair oils when people are swimming. These oils are undesired since they can affect the quality of water and can also cause dirt on the wall tiles. To remove the unwanted oils, leave a tennis ball inside the pool, and it will suck everything.

Keep the surrounding pool area free of overgrown grass or trees

Maintenance of the surrounding area is just as necessary as the pool itself. Apart from presenting an attractive view, things like lawns, flowers, and trees should be well manicured to avoid a scenario where the leaves can fall into the pool. Overgrown grass can also attract mosquitoes, and this becomes a health hazard at your home. The pool becomes an eyesore if tall grass and overhanging tree branches surround it.

Engage a professional

While you can regularly perform all other maintenance services, it is essential that you engage the services of an expert in pool servicing and maintenance at least once every year. You may not have expert knowledge in the functions of heating systems, pumps, and filters. This is when the services of an expert become handy, and you will also be guaranteed of long life for your pool. Pool service experts can check everything on your pool, and the problems can be solved which gives you peace of mind. This also serves you from spending more money fixing an issue that has developed over time instead of correcting it before it worsens.

Swimming pool wall resurfacing

With time, some wall and floor tiles on your pool may crack, and these need to be replaced. However, this task should be performed by a professional with expert knowledge in swimming pool maintenance and repair.

This can be done over an extended period of time, but you should always make sure that all damaged tiles are replaced. The advantage of replacing damaged surfaces is to prevent the users from getting injured when they come into contact with places with defects.

When the pool is not in use, make sure that it is covered to prevent unwanted debris. During winter time, you can drain the water from the pool. However, make sure that you do not leave it completely dry since this can lead to cracks due to pressure imbalances likely to be created. You can disconnect the heating system as well as the filters during the time the pool is not in use. This is a simple task as you simply need to follow the instructions that come with the manual for the equipment.

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