10 Interior Design Tricks That Will be Big in 2020

Here’s what could be hot and happening in interiors for 2020.

The general consensus about what will be popular in interior design this year is ‘anything and everything’.

With a few exceptions, we expect designers to embrace unique, individual style in favor of trends for a change. Yet, it’s still expected that a few common themes will emerge.

Here’s what could be hot and happening in interiors for 2020.

1. Automation is (Still) On the Rise

It’s true the robots are taking over. People are getting tech do more things for them than ever before.
Automation is (Still) On the Rise

From the best garage door openers to intuitive coffee machines, homeowners are seeking out the sleekest most advanced innovations to help them get through the day.

2. Nature is Big News

Reduce, reuse, recycle is the mantra on everybody’s lips this year.

What’s more, when people do buy new furniture, they’re seeking out more sustainable materials, like acacia and rattan, as well as handmade goods. They’re also choosing earthy tones to warm up rooms and root them in nature.

Natural materials like marble appear in accents like bowls, candleholders, and vases. Jewel-toned linen is the next big thing in ultimate luxury.

Plants never went away and they’re staying for 2020, complemented by raffia, cane and wood planters.

LED is lighting the way for sustainable, long-lasting fixtures.

3. Farmstyle is Still in the Mix

Farmstyle is Still in the Mix
Towards the end of 2019, trendwatchers predicted the downfall of the long-lived farm style trend. Lovers of this laid back country theme will delight in the knowledge farm style isn’t going anywhere, it’s evolving.

The new-look farm kitchen has a more European feel, with classic prints, mixed patterns, botanicals, and muted tones that celebrate and imitate the joys of rural existence.

4. Color is Changing

The appeal of neutral colors is on the wane. Instead, we’re likely to see the return of soft peach hues, buttery yellows, and caramel colors.

We’ll celebrate these everywhere, from soft furnishings to feature walls celebrating the bounty of the floral kingdom.

5. The Power of Patterns

Mix and match is the order of the day in textiles and design. Patterns are appearing everywhere, and they’re meeting up in ways we’ve never seen before.

Geometrics are butting up against classic paisley prints and matching patterns are flowing from floor to wall. There are no rules for patterns in 2020, go with whatever catches your eye.

Paint finishes haven’t escaped the pattern-trend either. Liven up dark spaces with colorful irregular patterns of your own design.

6. Be Bold

Ceilings and trims are coming out of the woodwork, this year, achieving more emphasis than ever before.

High contrast design is right up there with the top picks for 2020 helping give monochromatic rooms extra interest and appeal. High gloss paint and daring colors are making their way onto ceilings, walls, and trims everywhere.
Be Bold
Wallpapered ceilings are so hot right now as well as wallpaper in unexpected places, like hallways.

Likewise, light switches are stepping into the limelight with gilt tones and high-tech touches.

7. Colorful Kitchens

Bye-bye stark white kitchens – although we know you’ll be back. Homeowners looking for a modern take on kitchens are opting for two-tone cabinets, wood blended with color, and small color pops in their designs.

The best option, if you love your white kitchen is to add elements, like appliances, in contrasting colors.

8. Rugs Are Really Out There

Quirky, unique rug designs started making an appearance at the end of 2019, and this trend looks set to continue.

Homeowners are choosing unusual prints, shapes, botanicals, and features like zippers in their floor rugs this year.

9. Antiques Just Get Better

There’s never been anything wrong with mixing old and new, and it’s still an attractive option.

Investing in a timeless classic is an expensive outlay but it’s one that pays off.

Aged art is another top choice for elevating the character of a room. You don’t need to rush out and buy prints from top long-dead artists either. You can come across some incredible finds in your local thrift shop.

10. Clutter is King

This trend may send neat freaks into a full-blown panic attack, but clutter doesn’t need to be untidy. The new fashion in home design is for your spaces to look lived in, not staged.
Put your prized collection of keepsakes on display for everyone to enjoy. That’s what they’re made for after all.
Clutter is King
There are plenty of ways to display these items in an orderly fashion. Use your imagination to set them out attractively on shelves, tables, and trays.

Interior Design No-No’s for 2020

While it seems florals and all the associated colors are the way to go this year, it’s time to step away from millennial pink. Let’s face it, we’ve all had enough of this color. Likewise, greige has to go and subway tiles are leaving the building.

Say goodbye to plastic and synthetics and embrace eco-conscious chic. Fake and faux anything is out, except for faux fur, which is the only alternative for a plush feel without the bloodshed.

Ironically, the latest trend is not sticking religiously to trends. People are looking to put their personalities on display this year with a huge range of individual pieces, to create an intentionally unintentional look and feel.

The bottom line is, anything you have to talk yourself into is out of fashion this year. The best interior design stems from your gut-feel. In the end, you’re the one who has to live with it.

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