Table Decoration Ideas And Tips For Easter

Now we will share with you these top tips on how to beautifully decorate your festive table to make it look like no other! 

The history of the celebration of Easter goes back thousands of years. From time to time, the traditions changed, innovations were added to the attributes of the holiday.

How to combine the past with the future and be in trend? Should you use porcelain tableware, or decorate the table with bright latex balloons like these Should you opt for creating beautiful crafts with Easter symbols, or pay tribute to decorate your table with fresh bouquets and paper garlands?

Now we will share with you these top tips on how to beautifully decorate your festive table to make it look like no other!

1. Balloons


Bright balloons can dramatically spice up your Easter decor by adding a touch of fun to your holiday table decoration. Here are just a few ideas:

• free-form garland hanging above the table;

• hand-painted Easter egg helium balloons tied to Easter baskets on the table;

• a table centerpiece in the form of a tree decorated with colorful balloons;

• hand-painted Easter egg balloons, hanging from the ceiling on a fishing line at different heights;

• helium balloons, designed as Easter bunny faces, hovering above the table.

2. Eggshell candleholders

This decor element looks lovely, and it is not difficult to make one — just follow these instructions:

  • pour liquid wax into the eggshell:
  • put a wick in it;
  • let the wax harden;
  • paint the candleholders in different colors.

3. Easter garlands


These garlands will become a great decor element, especially if you hang them over your festive table:

  • simple garlands can be made from paper;
  • you can create an interesting Easter garland with elements in the form of tiny chicks using pom-poms;
  • voluminous garlands always look spectacular: you can buy some wooden blanks in the store, create a garland and then paint it!

4. Flower arrangements

Easter heralds the arrival of spring and warmth, so be sure to decorate your home with fresh flowers:

  • they can be combined in any form — both a simple bouquet in a vase and a beautiful wreath;
  • Easter bouquet is usually made of primroses as a symbol of spring;
  • you can create unique small compositions by putting tiny green sprouts in eggshells.

5. Tiny Easter nests


Eggs are the main decoration of any festive table on this day. But don’t limit yourself to just laying them out on a tray as it is much better to create unique bird nests!

  • You can make nests using a soft straw or dry twigs, then decorate it with quail eggs.
  • You can also use individual egg holders: use mini flower pots (which are usually sold with cacti), or sauce bowls. Decorate them with twigs and dry grass too. This decoration element looks bold and non-trivial!

6. Feathers

The feathers look very delicate. The simplest idea is to paint them in bright colors (black, blue, or emerald) and arrange them next to the Easter eggs.

Also, you can create mini-bundles of feathers of different colors, tie a thin string to a napkin, and then add a craft paper card with the guest’s name!

7. Egg and eggshell decor


This idea will help make your table decoration as interesting and fun as possible! Here are a couple of ideas:

  • you can draw faces on the boiled eggs or artificial eggs of pure white or brown color;
  • try creating funny paper hats or willow wreaths for your eggs;
  • it’s a good idea to put some green grass sprouts in empty eggshells to make them look like mini-vases with flowers, adding a card with the name of the guest to each composition;
  • you can even make a festive garland using eggshells. For this, you will also need some flowers and ribbons. Then, hang your ready-made garland on the ceiling at different heights, or attach it to a branch and decorate the wall with it!

8. Central composition

A bouquet of fresh flowers (tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and other primroses) along with tiny tree branches with blossoming buds can become a perfect central composition of your festive table!