Style Your Dining Table Like a Pro with These 7 Simple Tips

The dining table is an integral addition to every room. However, just choosing a beautiful dining table to complement your room isn’t enough. As much as a dining table occupies a major portion of the space in the room, the empty dining table may not be the best way to present your painfully chosen dining table set.

Styling your dining table according to its material, design and the ambience of the room will bring out the beauty of the dining table. Here are some ideas to style your dining table like a pro with just a few things.

Adding A Plant or A Flower

Adding A Plant or A Flower

If you want to go with natural or inexpensive things to style your dining table, plants or flowers is a great choice. Adding a small arrangement of flowers in beautiful vases in the middle of the dining table is sure to bring attention to it. If the dining table is larger, you can go with an arrangement of 3 or 5 small flower settings placed at equal distances from the edges. The great thing about going with a floral arrangement is that you can constantly bring different colours to the table.

Indoor plants are a big thing right now and a small potted plant in the centre would look sublime. It would be best if you were careful while choosing the plant so that it doesn’t hinder the table arrangement or look too big for the table. Go with potted plants only if you have a medium or a large table; else, flowers in a small vase is a good option.

Choice of Dining Chairs

When we talk about the dining table, how can we leave out the dining chairs!
Chairs are also a part of the dining table set and a table is incomplete without it. The choice of the dining chairs says a lot about the taste and you need to spend some time in choosing them according to the style of the room you are going for.

You can go a little creative with the dining chairs by picking up innovative matches that stand out from the usual and gives a unique touch to the setting.

Do Not Neglect The ‘Above’ Decorations

Do Not Neglect The ‘Above’ Decorations
As much as we love to decorate the dining table, there are only so much we can do without occupying much space. However, you have the freedom to style ‘above’ the dining table and by above, we mean the decoration hanging above the dining table.

Some like to hang a simple textured pendant to the centre of the dining table. In case if you have a large dining room with a large dining table in the middle, you can go out and splurge a little and get a beautiful chandelier. If you have a small dining room, you can go for settling of three light pendants in white or nude colours for a more formal setting.

A Dining Vignette at The Middle

A dining vignette isn’t just a stylish decoration to add to the dining table set. It can also be made useful for your purposes. Use a wooden board or a marble depending on the material of your dining table and add some nice salt and pepper shakers, a collection of napkins, some coasters and mats. You can even place a beautiful single flower vase at the centre of this arrangement and arrange the other things around it.

This will not only make your dining table look good but will also save you the time of taking things from the kitchen and keeping it back again every single time you eat.

A Touch of Utensil Props

A Touch of Utensil Props
What’s a dining table set without the sight of some utensils?

To style this arrangement, you do not need to buy anything at all. Just browse through your kitchen and pick out some beautiful dishes of varying sizes and a long neat wooden board or a white brim plate. Arrange the selection of dishes as a collection over this board or plate to complete the look.

You have the freedom to mix and match the dishes you choose but make sure that everything on the arrangement looks together enough. You can either place this at the centre of the table or use it at the side to complement the dining vignette or a flower vase.

Placing A Minimal Fruit Basket

During breakfast and tea time, a neat fruit basket will all you need to create the ambience. Have a few good selections of different fruits and keep it in a wooden fruit basket at the centre of the table.

This minimal setting will save you much time from thinking about ideas for the dining table decorations and will also impart a simplistic look.

Pick Out A Colour Theme

Pick Out A Colour Theme
Maintaining a single colour in most of your dining room decorations will just scream elegance. The most common and natural colours to sit to are white, nude and brown. If you already have the dining table set ready, then you will have to go with the colour of the table.

Mostly, this will be white, brown or black. If it is white or brown, you can go with the respective colour themes and buy a simple pendant and some decorative pieces for the dining table. In case it is black, you can go with a monochrome theme and pick out white decorative pieces and complement with your black table.

Whether you are entertaining guests for a dinner party or having a quiet Sunday brunch at home, the dining table plays a central role in the design of your dining room. You can follow these few simple tips to style your dining table like a pro and take the glam quotient of your dining room a few notches higher.