Wireless Kitchens are the Future

The Ki Kitchen Standard

Technologies are going wireless. The advancement of AI has set our world to a new and better journey where technologies can communicate with each other via waves and internet. There is no need for technologies to be connected via wires anymore. Therefore, it is high time for our kitchens to follow the same lead towards a future where there will be no distractions or mess created by the wires.

The Kitchen Work Group introduced the wireless kitchen revolution. The Wireless Power Consortium established this group in 2013. Their task was to develop a standard for wireless kitchen appliances. Later on in 2019, they announced the Ki Cordless Kitchen Standard. The demand for cordless kitchen appliances are increasing day by day. It is estimated that the value of the smart kitchen market will rise up to $43 billion by 2077; that will be double of today’s market value.

The Ki Kitchen Standard

Wireless Kitchens

The Ki cordless kitchen is a revolutionary standard that is going to change the way we prepare food by making the process more convenient, efficient and environment friendly. The standard introduces smart kitchen appliances that can be powered just by placing on a transmitter hob hidden underneath your kitchen countertop. The only wires involved in this process will be hidden underneath the counter, giving you a seamless, neat and flat countertop that is easy to clean and manage.

The use of electronic gadgets in the food making process has increased by a lot in the past decade. Technology not only made the cooking process easier, but also increased the average number of appliances that we use. As the traditional standard still uses wired devices, it creates a clutter of wires entangling everything and increasing overall complications. Not only that, but you will need to place it near a power outlet to actually be able to use it. This will also create a problem when you need to use multiple devices. However, with the cordless kitchen standard, you will never again have to face the nightmare of tangled wire mess.

Benefits of Cordless Kitchen

Benefits of Cordless Kitchen1

A cordless kitchen following the Ki standard possesses many benefits. The transmitter hob itself has many advantages. Such as

  1. A single transmitter hob can be used to power different appliances at different power levels. The transmitter can detect the device placed upon it and produce power accordingly.
  2. The hob automatically turns on as soon as a smart appliance is placed upon it, and powers of when it is removed. Thus, eliminating the need of manually powering the device.
  3. The transmitter hob is waterproof and durable.
  4. It can produce power of various ranges with a maximum of 2.2 kilowatt.
  5. The hobs can also be used as induction cookers.
  6. It understands the difference between smart cooking appliances and any other objects, preventing it from turning on accidentally.
  7. As the hobs discard the need of wires and induction cookers, it makes more space available for use.
  8. It cooks and powers other devices 90 percent more efficiently than traditional wired devices.

A cordless kitchen not only makes cooking and cleaning easier, but also makes your kitchen look more sleek and stylish. It increases the safety of your kitchen and makes the whole process more efficient. Manufacturers from all over the world are adapting to the Ki cordless kitchen standard. It is time for us to be a part of it too, and make the future more sustainable.