What do You Need to Know When Sanding the Deck?

Decking is not easy but if you use tools then it will be easy for you. If you do decking well you’ll also make outstanding designs. When tackling a deck restoration project, you will most likely have to do a little sanding of the deck. This is especially the case if it has been a while since you have treated or resealed your wood in some way. In some cases, you may be lucky and some of your deck boards are in good condition. This limits the amount of sanding time you spend on your deck. Be sure to properly inspect these boards, as you don’t want to invest in a sander you don’t need. More steps that follow in the deck restoration process include analyzing the wooden deck for damage and making any necessary repairs if there is damage. It is strongly recommended that you never repaint your deck with loose or damaged boards. You are only doing more work for you as you still need to fix these wooden boards anyway. We hope that here you can read more about Deck Sanding.

Types of Sanders:

There are a variety of different floor sanders on the market today. This would be a very long list if we included them all. Instead, to save you time, we have only included those that are considered the most versatile and of the highest quality.

Deck Sanding2

Sheet Sander:

The flap sander is specifically designed for sanding flat surfaces. For this reason, the sander works wonders on decks. The sander is equipped to fit a 9 × 11-inch piece of sandpaper, which is held in place by two spring clamps and a flat square pad. This sander effectively sands surfaces using the small orbital vibrations provided by the sander pad. A great feature of this sander is that it can sand the wooden deck in any direction, as the vibrations are tiny orbits.

Belt Sander:

After reviewing of belt sander, now we tells about a belt sander. A belt sander is an electrical device that is equipped with an abrasive coated belt. The sander is designed with two cylindrical drums on which the abrasive belt is mounted. It is also equipped with an electric motor that is used to turn the cylindrical drums. Thanks to the mechanisms of the belt sander, you can sand, trim or level flat and round surfaces. This makes the belt sander an excellent choice as a sander for repainting wood. An orbital or drum sander is used to sand larger wooden decks. These sanders can usually be rented from local outlets. Sanders that are commercially designed, such as a drum sander, are the best options if you are looking to sand hardwood floors. In saying this, these devices are also very effective when sanding wood decks.

Deck Sanding

Commercial Wood Floor Sander:

One of the reasons an orbital and drum sander are so effective is because they produce substantial vibration. These machines can also weigh more than 100 pounds, which can make them difficult to transport. However, these are a great tool if you want to sand areas that are not hollowed out or warped. It is also important to note that a drum sander is extremely powerful. You will want to sand your deck when it is dry. It is imperative that the wood remains completely dry throughout the entire process.

Why you consider?

For this reason, you should plan to tackle this project when you know there will be no bad weather on your way. However, don’t be afraid if you are surprised by a rainy or stormy day. All your hard work has not gone down the drain. Everything should be fine as long as you wait for the wood to dry completely before proceeding with your project. You want to avoid sanding wood that is damp or even slightly damp.