Six Essential Oils That You Need to Start Using Now

If you want to include essential oils into your routine, then keep reading to see our list of the 6 best and most beneficial oils available.

The benefits of essential oils have been lauded by physicians for centuries. These naturally occurring substances improve health and wellness in many ways. They reduce anxiety and stress, improve sleep, lower headaches, and much more.

Essential oils are usually available in the form of candles and diffusers. However, in recent years, they’re also included in skincare, bath salts, and other similar bath and body products. New products keep getting added to the catalogue, as newer oils are discovered.

If you want to include essential oils into your routine, then keep reading to see our list of the 6 best and most beneficial oils available.

  • Lemon – Lemon is one of the most beloved essential oils, due to its numerous benefits. It greatly improves concentration, so it’s helpful when you’re studying or working. It’s also very calming and soothes your mind and senses. Placing lemon oil in a diffuser can soothe a sore throat and reduce respiratory problems as well. But that’s not all. Due to its antibacterial and insect repelling properties, it’s a great thing to have on hand when you’re out camping or travelling.


  • Cardamom – If oral health problems are something you struggle with, then cardamom oil may be the answer. This sweet-scented spice helps fight bacteria that cause bad breath and oral infections. It’s also a great way to prevent tooth decay. Cardamom oil induces the secretion of gastric juices, thus improving digestion and controlling bloating, gas, and more. The floral scents of cardamom soothe emotions of frustration and anger as well. So it’s really helpful during those stressful days.
  • Hemp – Hemp is the new star product and it has taken people by surprise with its numerous benefits. Hemp is a variety of Cannabis sativa. But unlike the cannabis that you place in your bong, hemp doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. What it does have are several healing properties. It is great to use as a skincare ingredient since it reduces redness and inflammation. It prevents excessive sebum and oil production and fights wrinkles as well. The omega fatty acids present in it also help treat dermatitis.


  • Rosemary – For all those who are looking for a cure to their hair problems, rosemary may be of help. This extract induces hair growth as it helps in cell generation. It’s a great treatment for those suffering from male pattern baldness as well. This is because it prevents certain compounds from attacking the hair follicles. Make sure to use it combined with a carrier oil like olive or coconut. If you’d like some more tips about managing hair, check out outsons. Rosemary is also great for improving memory and concentration abilities. It even reduces stress and tension.
  • Lavender – It would be criminal to not include lavender in this list of great essential oils. It is best known for relaxing the mind and inducing sleep. That’s why it is one of the most recommended ways to naturally treat insomnia and sleeping problems. It’s great for soothing dry and wrinkly skin, and can even kill acne-causing bacteria. If you have a burn, lavender oil can reduce inflammation and relieve pain. It helps to heal skin tissue as well. So if you have a wound, putting some lavender essential oil can help.


  • Tea tree – Extracted from the tea tree plant which is found in Australia, this oil is a miracle substance for acne. Tea tree oil helps dry up acne and pimples within days. Compared to other acne-treating chemicals, it’s much less drying. It reduces scalp itchiness and flaking as well. So it’s a great product for those suffering from acute dandruff. It’s also great for maintaining oral health as it kills bacteria. If you’re suffering from gingivitis, using tea tree oil can give you some relief.