How to Get Offers Over Your Asking Price For Your Home

Selling a house can be a very difficult thing to do, especially when the housing market is slow.
Most people sell their houses through real estate agents but if you’re struggling to sell or want to explore your different options then have a look at some fast cash sale companies like Accelerate Homes.
And if you’re looking for ways to attract buyers and get offers over your asking price, then check out the following tips.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Stand Out From The Crowd

Take a look at the houses in your area and compare them with your own. If your house has a unique featurethat others in the area don’t have, like an in-ground pool, then buyers may be willing to make a higher offer. You want your house to stand out from the rest and make a good impression on potential buyers who come to see it. When they see features that aren’t common among the houses in your area then their interests will be piqued and they will be more inclined to pay more.

Highlight The Good Features and Benefits of Living There

Benefits of Living
If you work hard to make buyers fall in love with your property,enough that they can imagine themselves living there, then chances are you can get a higher price than what you’ve listed. Highlight all the good things about your house that buyers would be interested in, like if it’s close to a school and shops, or if the neighbourhood is good and if there’s a nice yard for people with dogs. If a buyer can picture themselves in the house and being happy in the area then they are more likely to add a little extra onto their offer.

Take Note Of How Much Other Properties In The Area Are Selling For

Properties In The Area Are Selling For
Have a look at the prices of other properties in your area and if they are selling for more, then you can bump up your asking price. You don’t have to increase it a major amount, but raising your listing price can catch the attention of buyers and possibly encourage one to make an offer before you decide to raise it again.

If your listed price is just on the edge of a price category or bracket, then bumping it up so that it falls into the next one will help catch the eye of more potential buyers. For example, if your home is listed at $199,000, it probably won’t pop up for people looking for properties above $200,000. So if you push your price up so that it reaches the next bracket, you will open the door to a whole new group of potential buyers.

On the other hand, under-pricing your home is a marketing strategy that many real-estate agents use for more ordinary houses. If you list your house at a lower price than other houses in the area, buyers might be more inclined make a higher offer instead of paying a lot more or going through the trouble of negotiating for one of the other properties. If you have unique features to your house then under-pricing is not the strategy to use.

Under-pricing your house will also help to bring in more buyers as they will all want to save some money by going for the most reasonably priced house in the area. This may result in a bidding war between interested buyers, which is bound to get you more than your original asking price.

Seller’s Market

Seller’s Market
If you’re selling during a time when the market is highly competitive, then chances are there will be multiple buyers interested in making an offer on your house. When a property has multiple interested buyers, it is up to the seller to accept the best offer. Buyers will make higher bids in order to purchase the house so you will likely receive an offer over your asking price.

Get Appraised

Get Appraised
If you’ve renovated or maintained your house nicely, you might actually find that it’s worth more than you thought. Hiring a home appraiser can help you estimate how much you should reasonably be asking for so you can set your selling price. If your appraised value is more than your asking price, then buyers will be more inclined to raise their offers.