Features And Touches You Will Only Find In Luxurious Houses

Designing a luxury home is never easy, considering all the amenities and touches that make it so valuable. Most designers that have to work with expensive features to complete a pretentious house must find inspiration in the most luxurious buildings out there. If you have a generous budget and you want to make your own house look as rich and luxurious as possible, this is the place to do it. This article will present some of the most spectacular features that one can find only in expensive mansions of rich people. You can gather inspiration on how to integrate these features by looking at celebrities’ homes. Have fun while learning something new about luxury home features below:

Swimming pools are a condition

You probably saw that all luxurious houses have pools in their backyard. That is one of the first features that makes it obvious that the mansion is expensive. Most houses have a swimming pool outside, but other buildings step up the game with indoor pools. Depending on how much money people are willing to spend, indoor pools can ensure that level of comfort that not everyone can get. Having a regular outdoor pool might not require a huge investment, depending on its size. Small pools are affordable, but the ones that inspire grandeur are more difficult to obtain, especially when talking about the details around it.Exterior furniture usually makes the difference, as well as the features that come with the pool.

Think about all the space

Modest homes can feature all sorts of amenities that make them comfortable and offer them a luxe touch, but they can’t be called luxurious. Why? Because they don’t offer the amount of space and flexibility that luxurious houses do. A lot of space is a condition of luxurious houses. Even though some may say that the number of rooms does not matter, the truth is it does. The more rooms the house has, the more opportunities to design a room that’s uncommon and not all people can afford. Size is a condition of including luxurious features in a house. Some of these will be listed below.

Game room anyone?

You probably saw game rooms in movies. Well, you should know that these are real and most luxurious mansions have one. Whether it is about a bowling lane or a fully equipped home cinema and gaming consoles, a game room is the fanciest way to get your daily dose of entertainment. This is a feature that requires a free, spacious room, which only luxury homes usually have. Plus, the investment is quite considerable, keeping in mind all the equipment that needs to be brought to a gaming room. But think about the comfort of having a gaming room inside your basement.

The kitchen must always have a bar

Tired of the regular kitchens? Take a peek at some of the most extravagant kitchens in luxury houses. In order to create a fancy kitchen that also contains a bar, one must spend up to $500 000. Since the percent of kitchens that fall in the luxury category is so small, it might be difficult to find one that features everything you may think of. Yet most of the expensive kitchens feature a full bar. Everything in a luxury kitchen is custom-made out of materials such as granite or marble. Hardwood or expensive tile are common for flooring and the kitchen is separated into multiple sections – cooking section, eat-in section and so on.

Sports court

Have you ever imagined having your own tennis or basketball court? You probably didn’t because most people can’t afford such a thing. Yet expensive homes do include a sports court in the backyard. Because luxurious homes usually come with a lot of yard space, it must be filled with something besides a pool. The best way to use all that space is to invest in a sports court. It encourages people to be active while they don’t even have to leave their homes. Is definitely a sign of luxury among architectural beauties.

Gaining muscle at home

A home gym? That’s a lot of money saved on monthly memberships. Even though you might save plenty of money, the truth is it might cost a whole lot to invest in a home-based gym. First of all, you need a spacious room (sometimes an entire basement) to create such a space. In luxury houses, home gyms are quite common, especially if the owners dedicate a big part of their time to working out. It’s much more convenient to have such a room at home, but this is definitely a rare feature in modest houses.

Enjoy a sauna session at the end of a long day

Yes – you read that right. Some houses include a dedicated sauna as one of the rooms. Think about how relaxing it would be to have a sauna session after you come home from work. Besides the fact that one room is occupied for this purpose only, they also need to include Saunafin heaters, proper lighting,and seating. It might not be the costliest feature of them all, but the degree of comfort it offers is surely considerable. The biggest resource of them all to include a sauna in the architecture of a house is space.

The huge closet

This is a useful feature, especially for the ladies that don’t want to give up any of their clothes because of the lack of space. Having a room which is entirely dedicated to storing clothes the right way is the dream of any woman out there, especially because of their large shoe collections. But it also applies to men who like spending their money on suits and quality shoes. They need to be stored in the proper conditions. A huge, walk-in closet is surely a feature of luxe homes, as not everyone affords to waste so much space just to replace the traditional wardrobe. Most large houses include walk-in closets.