Decorating with Lights: 7 Home Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Space

Lighting plays an important role in our lives and can transform a room into something unforgettable. Making your space feel comfortable can be easily accomplished by light.

Lights do more than help you see. They’re also a design feature. Check out these seven home lighting ideas that’ll transform your space.

Did you know that ambient lights can affect a person’s behavior and perception?

Lighting plays an important role in our lives and can transform a room into something unforgettable. Making your space feel comfortable can be easily accomplished by light.

Continue reading to discover some of the best home lighting ideas that you can add to your home!

1. Take a Trip in Space

If you are looking for a fun and creative way to use light to change a room, adding stars on the ceiling is an excellent option.

Kids (and adults) will love being able to lay down each night and watch the “stars” as they fall into a slumber. This is also a great option for a nursery, as it provides enough light in the room to see, but not too much that the baby won’t be able to sleep.

2. Wall Decor That Lights up

Many new decor pieces that can be hung up on the wall have fairly lights or some other element of light included.

This can liven up a dull space. If you are unable to find the perfect picture that lights up, you can always create one yourself by poking fairy lights through the material.

The easiest time to find illuminated wall art is around the holidays, October through December would be the best time to look for them and you can even get some shopping done!

3. Get an Impressive Chandelier

One of the best home lighting ideas that you can do to transform a room is to get a jaw-dropping chandelier.

Not only will your chandelier make a statement, but it will also help lighten up a room. They are perfect to use for the holidays and when guests are over.

If you cannot afford a chandelier, as some can be quite costly, you can dress up your lights to create one. Adding string lights to a fixture can change the entire look of the room and is easy to do!

4. Create the Perfect Backdrop

Many people are using tapestries and blankets on their walls as a way to decorate and show their personality and the same can be done with lights!

If you are looking to have a magical headboard or wall in a room, adding string lights, fairy lights, or even vintage bulbs to the wall on a string can change the entire room.

Don’t be afraid to show your creative side if this is how you want to use lighting. Creating unique designs and patterns can help your work stand out and shine bright.

5. Take Advantage of Natural Light

This option if fairly cheap if you are looking to change the lighting in a room.

Many homes come with blinds that don’t allow much sunlight to enter, and when it does, it’s broken up. Removing blinds and adding sheer curtains can bring in a significant amount of light that can make you feel like you’re outside.

During the colder months, the sun is up for fewer hours, getting sheer curtains can cut back on utility costs and give you the chance to take full advantage of sun time.

6. Make Your Halls Appear Larger

If you have a narrow hallway in your house, dorm, or apartment, getting fairy lights can be a great way to brighten up the crowded space.

Many narrow hallways that are long aren’t properly lit in all spots, adding lights to the ceiling or walls takes up minimal space, is cheap, acts as a decoration, and even a nightlight!

Guests no longer have to wander around in the dark trying to find the bathroom or kitchen, let the lights guide them instead.

7. Gallery Display

A fun way to use lights to transform a dull space is to use them in a gallery or photographed space in the house.

Incorporating lights into your photo wall can be a great way to draw attention to the photos and special memories that come along with them. If you have a difficult time hanging lights it is best to contact a residential electrician for help!

Dedicating space to yours, or your child’s artwork can bring an entirely new aspect to a room. You can also show timeline photos of the family on the walls too!

More Than Just Home Lighting Ideas

Installing new light fixtures can change the entire feel of a room, but there are many other ways that you can redesign as well.

If you don’t want to spend money, rearranging the furniture in your room and organizing can transform your space and create more room. Many people also claim that redecorating or painting can dramatically change the room as well.

Don’t be afraid to make your space personalized to your and your needs, house lighting ideas can be endless.

Make Your Space Shine Bright

No longer are the days of darkness, utilizing these home lighting ideas can help completely transform an area in your house or apartment.

There are many ways that you can incorporate lights into your home, and most of them are fairly cheap. Turning a plain light fixture into a chandelier can be fun and really enhance a room by making a bold statement.

Besides adding new light sources, you can also utilize the natural light from the sun and can even change a room by rearranging.

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