Buying a New Bed: 7 Steps to Choosing the Right One

That’s right! It’s a definitely a lucrative industry, but one that’s essential nonetheless.

If you are buying a new bed, you should click here to learn how to find and choose a bed that will work for you and fit into your home’s design.

Did you know that bed and mattress stores in the U.S. alone generate $14 billion in revenues?

That’s right! It’s a definitely a lucrative industry, but one that’s essential nonetheless.

After all, humans need to sleep, which they actually do for about 33 years over their lifetime. Yes, the average person spends 12,045 days in bed!

But as crucial as sleep is, it doesn’t mean that buying a new bed should already cost you an arm and a leg. So long as you plan your purchase right, you can get a new bed that will let you sleep soundly. One that will also look awesome in your bedroom.

Ready to learn how to buy a bed that fits your sleeping needs, aesthetic requirements, and budget? Then let’s dive right into it!

1. Determine the Size of Bed that Can Comfortably Fit the Room

Remember, the bed is often the biggest, space-consuming piece of furniture in bedrooms. As such, the first step on how to choose a bed is to determine the bed size that your room can accommodate. You need to figure out how much space to allow for the new bed.

Also, make sure the frame will fit into the hallways and the bedroom door.

If You’re Starting from Scratch

There should be enough space for you to move around the sides and the foot of the bed. The bedroom door, as well as closet doors and shelves, should freely open without hitting the bed. Also, consider other bedroom furniture, like a bedside table, when determining bed size.

A nifty tip on how to choose a bed frame size that’ll fit your room is to use masking tape as markers. Use the tape to separate the above-mentioned areas from the space the bed will take up. From there, use a tape measure to take the length and width of the space you’ll allot for the bed.

If You Like the Size of Your Current Bed

Are you buying a new bed to replace the old one that served you really well? If so, then it’ll be easier to figure out the right bed size to get by checking the mattress size.

Mattress sizes include California king, king, queen, double, twin, and extra-long twin. If your current mattress is queen-sized, then you want to get a queen-sized bed frame.

2. Adjust Bed Measurements Based on the Sleeper’s Height

Factor in the height of the person who’ll be using the bed too. It’s best to get a bed with a length that’s at least 3 inches (7.62 centimeters) longer than the user. So, if your height is 163 cm, you want the bed frame and mattress to be at least 170 cm.

You can find out more details here about correct bed sizing and measurements.

3. Take Note of Bed Frame and Mattress Size Conversions

If you’re buying a frame or mattress online, be sure to check their manufacturing location. US-made beds have sizes different from the UK or other EU countries.

For instance, a twin bed size in the US often converts to a single bed size in the UK. A US queen-sized bed in the US can already be a king-sized bed in the UK.

This is why it’s vital that you know the actual bed measurements (either in inches or centimeters).

Luckily, the best frame and mattress sellers have sizing charts to guide their buyers. If the sizing terms get confusing, you can look at these charts for the inches or centimeters instead.

4. Styling Up Your Bedroom with the Right Bed Frame Design

When it comes to style, there are frames made for both function and appeal. Some, like captain beds, provide tons of space-saving storage solutions. Others, like four-poster beds, lean more towards design and comfort.

Let’s take a closer look at some of your design choices.

Space-Saving Captain Beds

Captain beds are exceptional space-savers, as their frames feature drawers on the sides. That makes them a great choice for bedrooms with limited space. Their shelves make the bed higher than regular daybeds though.

Platform Beds

Platform beds are exactly what they sound — frames that act as a platform for mattresses. The frame can either be box-style or open-type. They are lower than captain beds, with the mattress going straight on top of the frame.

Framed for Flair

If you want a dramatic addition to your bedroom, a four-poster bed is an awesome option. However, they’re best for large rooms with high ceilings, as their frames are also massive.

You can also opt for a sleigh bed, which usually features a sloping headboard and footboard. These beds are often made of wood with intricate details and carvings.

5. Keep Your Budget in Mind

Did you know that some people are willing to shell out a whopping $150,000 for a mattress?

$150,000! That’s definitely outside of the mattress buying budget of many Americans.

Don’t worry though, as a good bed doesn’t have to cost that much. You can find great mattresses that are under $700, or if you have a bit more budget, under $2,000.

6. Consider Specific Health Needs

Aside from your budget, think about your specific or special health needs. This is especially true if you suffer from back or hip pain.

In this case, consider investing in an orthopedic mattress. These mattresses are firm and deliver better support for the neck, back, and joints. They can help improve body posture while still providing a good level of comfort.

7. Research Your Other Mattress Style Options

Don’t forget to consider sleeping positions when choosing a mattress! Factor in your sleeping partner’s needs too, as what’s perfect for you may not be so great for the other person.

If You Sleep on Your Back

High-quality memory foam mattresses adhere to the sleeper’s body shape. Meaning, it will take roughly the same shape as that of your body, while still offering back support. This feature makes it a good option for back sleepers.

Innerspring Mattresses for Stomach Snoozers

Since a memory foam mattress conforms to body shape, it may not be as comfy for those who sleep on their stomach. That said, if you tend to sleep face-forward, consider an innerspring mattress instead.

They won’t “envelope” you like memory foam and their firmness allows for better airflow.

A Couple’s Compromise

If you have a sleeping partner, then a hybrid mattress can be a great compromise for both of your needs. These usually combine memory foam, latex, or spring for better support and comfort. This is why hybrids are often the go-to choice for many couples.

Use These Tips When Buying a New Bed

As you can see, buying a new bed doesn’t have to be super complicated. It doesn’t also have to cost you half a month’s worth of salary. Just make sure you follow these tips and pay attention to sizing conversion!

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