7 Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas You Must Try

Kitchen has become one of the most important parts of the home with the growing moving dedicated to the healthy eating habits. Although one would expect that only families would put an accent to this area, nowadays mostly everyone wants to enjoy the spacious and modern kitchen.
From appliances to choosing the perfect tiles, kitchen designs differ in style and commodity they can offer. Even the small apartments can enjoy functional and contemporary kitchens if they incorporate some tricks and interior design techniques.

Therefore, to make your kitchen presentable addition to the modern household, here are several contemporary kitchen ideas you will love.

1. Rustic contemporary kitchen

Contemporary kitchens are far from devoid of any other design. There are many amazing design ideas that you can use while keeping the modern appeal. Rustic style is one of them and it has been very popular in the last years. The key element here is to use natural materials like wood and stone in order to wake up the natural appeal to the kitchen area.

Stone tiles on the floor and walls are more than welcome since they give a sophisticated and well – organised look. Cupboards can use the combination of full wooden boards and tainted glass, while counters would perfectly fit in if made of marble. Hang a few vintage plates on the wall for decoration and always have a vase of fresh wildflowers or roses on display. This will truly wake up the cottage serenity in the contemporary home.

2. Minimalist flare

Minimalist philosophy for space is not for everyone although it is very modern and popular when it comes to contemporary home design. However, kitchens can be a perfect place to try out some minimalism and organise the space so it is always sparkling clean. Start with lines and textures which should follow geometrically perfect shapes.

Use one colour as the central one and another as the one that will be there to add some layers. Appliances should all be in the same design and preferably from the same manufacturer’s line. This will prevent any discrepancies in design and respect the line that is very important in a minimalist interior.

The cupboards and cabinets can have subtle carvings that will break the monotony. Also, don’t be afraid to add some flamboyance in the glass fruit bowl or chandelier.

3. Small apartment kitchens

The worst thing an owner of a small apartment has to work with is the limiting space. However, contrary to popular belief, small apartments don’t have to have less furniture but rather use some space – saving solutions. Multipurpose furniture is a marvelous solution for many problems since it offers several uses for only one item.

When it comes to small kitchens, this is first applied to the dining tables. At the same time, it can serve as a kitchen island, table and storage space for the dishes underneath. Kitchen cabinets are lifesavers in small kitchens, but you should also keep a stool nearby if you need to get something from the top. Therefore, I urge you to try RTA Kitchen Cabinets. It will serve your real purpose when the kitchen is narrow.

Built – in stove and oven are ideal for small kitchens, while you can buy a fridge depending on your needs. From small ones to those combined with freezers, this is one appliance you shouldn’t be afraid that is too big since the last thing you want is spoiled food lying around the house.

4. Organic kitchen styles

Wood is one of those materials you should definitely incorporate into your kitchen interior design to get that perfect warm style. There are many colours of wood you can use, but the best you can go with is dark brown and mahogany. They show off elegance and lavishness and allow you to use retro designed appliances that resemble those from the 1950s.

Lighter colours of tiles and window frames will bring texture to the place although connecting kitchen to the dining area with massive wooden table. This is a perfect family kitchen full of warmth so it’s only fitting that you have it opened up so you can talk to your household members while preparing food.

5. Futuristic kitchen

There are kitchens that are full of the newest appliances and modern designs that they look like they belong on one of the Star Trek’s ships. The appliances are connected via Wi-Fi so the fridge can tell you what to buy next in the grocery store. Although silver is the usual colour people depict the future, you can go with caviar black, dark blue and even plum.

Keep the counters clean of excess items and apply minimalist philosophy when it comes to keeping order in your kitchen. Find a reliable and the best appliance repair centre Sydney, New York, London and every metropolis has to offer so your sci-fi appliances would live longer. Besides regular maintenance, add LED lights to give you just the perfect futuristic kitchen you always wanted.

6. Clash of the styles

Lighter wood is a perfect contrast to the white acrylic kitchen cabinets, island and counter. The lines in this type of kitchen are geometrical and many would recognize the minimalist principles. Artificial plastic and natural wood should clash, but their differences fit well together and wake up the extravagance.

If you really want to keep it all in the same tone, then instead of silver appliances, use the ones with custom doors like a refrigerator and paint the others in the white acrylic paint. This may appear like a costly move but it will respect the flow of the design. Add some bar chairs to the island so you can also use it as a dining table for more informal occasions or when you entertain guests while preparing drinks and food.

7. Colourful kitchen area

Colour is not forbidden from the kitchen and sometimes it’s even more than welcome. The colours like red can wake up the appetite, but any tone is okay if it doesn’t clash with the rest of your interior design. Add brick – like tiles or wallpapers above the counter in the earthy tones like orange.
Since this type of kitchen is all about relaxing ambience, add a painting on the wall that will incite the playfulness of colours. Use vase, bowls and plates in colours that are not as usual as white, blue and green. Kitchen cabinets should be in the tones that will go well with the rest of the shades, but they don’t have to be white or simple. Use the ones with glass windows so you can show off your plates, mugs and glasses to achieve a more homey feel.


Take a good look at your kitchen and then see what would go the best with your personality, habits and the rest of the interior of your home. There are many styles to choose from, but they will all make your kitchen attractive and unique space.