6 Ways to Keep Your Conservatory Warm in Winter

Below are 6 of our top tips on how to keep a conservatory warm this winter.

During the summer months, your conservatory is the perfect place to enjoy those blue skies. When winter rolls around, we rarely appreciate the room’s chilly attributes. But why should a conservatory go neglected over the winter period?

Conservatories are such wonderfully versatile rooms and can be transformed into the central hub of the festivities, providing you keep your guests warm.

Below are 6 of our top tips on how to keep a conservatory warm this winter.

Buy A Heater

This may not seem revolutionary, but many people seem to neglect the thought of traditional heaters for a conservatory. Perhaps this is because there may not be space or perhaps some have already accepted they will not use their conservatory over winter.

Heaters warm a room up quickly and as they are isolated, you can choose to power just the one room instead of your whole home. Therefore, saving energy and heating bills.

Choose The Right Glass

There are so many options now when it comes to the type of glass used in your conservatory. If your room is a little out-dated, it may be time to replace the ceiling and windows.

Consider investing in glass, rather than the old polycarbonate glass. This works as a much better insulator. It is also more weather-resistant, perfect for the treacherous elements we experience in winter.

If you are not in a position to do so, you can install solar inserts to your polycarbonate roof, this reduces heat-loss without the expense of replacing the glass.

Throw On A Throw

Sometimes just preventing heat from escaping is not enough to keep you warm in your conservatory. Blankets and throws can make a huge difference and having them readily available in the room can make it more appealing to the family.

Not only can you accessorise the room and change these easily each season to match current trends, but it can also make a big difference to your furniture.

If you have leather or rattan furniture, you’ll be aware of how cold they can become as the season turns. Blankets are not just for sitting under, but sitting on them can protect you from chilly chairs.