5 Signs That You Should Phone a Plumber (Now!)

Read below to find out about the signs you will notice when it is time to hire an experienced plumber.

On average, homeowners spend around 1 percent of their home’s total value on maintenance and repairs annually. Owning a home can be an expensive job, but it is also a great investment. The key to avoiding additional damage to a home is knowing your limitations.

There are several jobs you can do on your own, but there are others that require some professional help. When faced with things like plumbing leaks or broken water heaters, you should phone a plumber to help out. Ignoring the need for this professional assistance can lead to higher repair bills in the long run.

Read below to find out about the signs you will notice when it is time to hire an experienced plumber.

1. Problems With Slow Draining Sinks

Washing dishes, getting showers and washing clothes are something most homeowners do on a daily basis. Without functional drains, it will be impossible to perform any of these tasks. Generally, a homeowner will have several warning signs when drainage issues are present.
Problems With Slow Draining Sinks

One of the most common signs you will notice when it is time to call in a plumber to take a look at this part of your plumbing system is slow draining. If the drains are taking a lot longer to empty, you need to get a jump on this problem immediately. This problem can be caused by several issues, which is why DIY plumbing repair is a bad idea.

A homeowner will not have the experience or the tools needed to diagnose and fix this problem. An experienced plumber will be able to use tools like small inspection cameras to pinpoint the cause of the drainage issues. Once they have this information, they can get repairs completed in no time.

2. Lower Than Normal Water Pressure

Having relatively strong water pressure is something most homeowners take great pride in. The higher your water pressure is, the easier you will find it to get an enjoyable shower or wash dishes quickly. If you start to notice your water pressure seems to be declining with each passing day, then taking action is vital.

Lower than normal water pressure is usually an indication that a leak is present. The longer this leak is allowed to persist, the more damage it will ultimately do. By calling in a plumber to take a look, you can get this problem resolved.

Usually, these leaks will be in pipes that are either behind walls or buried underground. This makes finding and fixing them relatively difficult for an inexperienced homeowner. However, an experienced plumber should have no problem uncovering the root cause of a plumbing problem in a hurry.

3. Gurgling Sounds Are Never a Good Thing

Maintaining a home takes a lot of hard work. Getting familiar with the various parts of your home’s plumbing system is crucial when trying to uncover issues early on. If you notice there is a gurgling sound coming from your drains, you need to contact a plumber immediately.

This gurgling sound is usually a sign that there is a lot of air trapped in your plumbing pipes. Increase amounts of air means that a clog is prohibiting water from flowing. Eventually, these clogs will result in drains overflowing.

Instead of waiting until water damage is done, you need to get professional help as soon as these gurgling noises start to surface. A plumber has the right tools to both find and frees a clog in your system. The money paid to these professionals will be worth it considering the damage they can help you prevent.

4. Your Water is Discolored

Your Water is Discolored
Having an unlimited supply of crystal clear water is something most homeowners take for granted. If the water coming out of your faucet starts to have a brownish hue, then you are dealing with a full-on plumbing emergency. Over time, the water heater you have in place will start to rust from the inside out.

Eventually, this rust will make it into your home’s water supply. Flushing the water heater may remove some of the rust but it will not get all of it. This is why completely replacing the water heater is a good idea.

You will not have the time or the knowledge needed to choose and install a new water heater. This is why allowing a plumber to handle this job for you is a good idea. They will have no problem getting the right size water heater in place in a hurry.

5. Puddles on Your Lawn

Most homeowners work very hard to maintain a high level of curb appeal. If there are large puddles on your lawn all of the time, this appeal can be diminished. A leaking septic line or a full septic tank will usually cause this problem.

Diagnosing the exact cause of this issue is only possible with the assistance of a plumber. A plumber will have small septic inspection cameras they can use to pinpoint the cause of the problem at hand. If you try to diagnose the problem on your own, you will have to dig up the septic lines, which is time-consuming and very messy.

Rather than putting yourself in this stressful situation, you need to reach out to the right plumber. With their help, you can get this situation resolved in a hurry. Getting a few onsite quotes before hiring a plumber is essential when trying to get a great deal.

Learning When You Should Phone a Plumber Is Important

By learning when you should phone a plumber, you can reduce the amount of damage a plumbing problem does. With a bit of research, finding the right plumber to hire will be a breeze.

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