5 Dangerous Signs That You Are Sleeping On a Bad Mattress

If you have to spend 1/3 (one third) of your life on earth sleeping, it is only fair that you sleep on a comfortable bed. And it’s no joke, researchers have found that humans spend that huge amount of time sleeping, especially for those who get 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

Before now, you may not have known that sleeping on a bad or wrong mattress can cause you some issues as well as discomforts. To help you decide if you are sleeping on the wrong mattress or not, we have listed 5 things you should look out for.

Increased stress level

You are supposed to feel energized after a good night rest, but if you end up feeling groggy, it is a sign that your mattress is not the right one for you. If your mattress is old and worn out, it will not be able to contour rightly to the shape of your body while you sleep. And also, if it has grown bacteria or mold, you might end up with sleep apnea or worst still, asthma. With this, you will find that all through the day, you will be struggling to get things done.

A study carried out on 60 people presented a situation where they were asked to use their old mattress to sleep 30 days. After that, they were asked to sleep on a new one for another 30 days. At the end of the study, it was discovered that there stress level was greatly decreased when they started making use of the new mattresses. The old mattress increased their bodies’ cortisol level leading to more stress while the new one decreased it.


This is an obvious one. If your body or joints feel like they have been hit with a hammer after sleeping through the night, then your mattress is definitely the culprit here. Using a top quality mattress is not a guarantee that the mattress will last forever. All mattresses will lose shape at some point in life. It is important that you always check the firmness and support level of your mattress to avoid ending up with unnecessary body pains.

You struggle to fall asleep

Do you know that if your mattress is too firm that you may have problems falling asleep the moment you hit the bed. It’s true that some bad habits such as using your smart phone while in bed can delay the time it takes you to fall asleep, but a study carried out in 2015 has shown that a mattress that is too firm can be blamed as well.

In the study, it was discovered that the elderly people used in study were able to fall asleep faster when they slept on medium firm mattresses than high or very firm mattresses. With very firm or high firm mattresses, it took them an average of 60 minutes to fall asleep while the medium firm mattress only took them an average of 20 minutes.


When you have used a particular mattress for a very long time, there is every tendency that mites, bed bugs, bacteria and mold will start making the mattress their home.

These microorganisms such as MRSA, Staphylococcus, Enterococcus and Norovirus can trigger respiratory infections, skin infections, and other viruses that are serious. It may even be the reason you are battling with a persistent cold even after treatment.


Imagine discovering that the snoring habit you have been battling with for years is caused by your “innocent-looking-mattress.” While being overweight is the major reason many people snore, it has also been discovered that not laying on the right mattress can lead to improper support for your body and obstruct the airways which leads to snoring.

Old mattresses are known to cause snoring because they lose shape and firmness overtime. So, if you have no health reason to be snoring and you find that you are snoring; your mattress may be the cause.

Finally, if you have used your mattress for a good number of years, or up to the timeline given by the manufacturer, you may consider replacing it with a new one. A good way to know if it is still good is to check how it supports your body.

As earlier mentioned, a firm mattress may not necessary mean the best mattress for you.

There is a mattress that is just right for your body or health needs. Ensuring you get the appropriate mattress after reading expert reviews can prevent you from having these problems. And of course, you must endeavor to always wash you mattress covers, linens and pillow as often as possible to discourage bed bugs and bacteria from growing. Vacuuming your bedroom frequently will also discourage dusts from settling on your mattress.