10 Items to Get Rid of When Moving from Your Home in Edmonton

To ease matters for you, here is a list of items that you can get rid of while relocating:

Shifting from one house to another or changing your country of residence altogether is a chaotic act. This is mainly due to the stress of moving things around and separating the wheat from the chaff. It is hard to figure which of your house items are worth keeping and which should be discarded.

Look at the bright side though, here’s your chance to examine all your possessions and identify the useful items. You also finally get an opportunity to declutter, which will leave you confident and in control of the moving situation. In fact, a survey confirms that decluttering makes 71% folks feel accomplished, and 54% feel confident.

Ten Items to Discard When You Move

To ease matters for you, here is a list of items that you can get rid of while relocating:

1. Clothes that don’t fit

Most of us tend to get attached to clothing items. So, when they don’t fit, we pile them up in hopes that the dresses will fit one day. However, it is not practical to move the whole closet of old clothes with you when shifting your home. Thus, when you are moving to a new house, make sure to get rid of these clothes for good.

2. Cheap posters

There is a solid chance that you have overgrown these cheap posters. Think about where these will end up in your new pod. If they are not destined to be on the walls anymore, then it’s about time that you throw them.

3. Stuffed toys

Unless you have kids who aren’t willing to part with their toys, there is no sense of hoarding them. There is no doubt that you have a certain emotional attachment to the stuffed toys. However, they will occupy precious moving space only to end up under your bed or deep in your closet. So, these go into the pile of discarded items too.

4. Old towels

You don’t need an army of towels to survive, specifically, if the army consists of old and worn out towels. It’s best to separate these towels from the ones in good condition and leave them behind when you shift.

5. Old mugs

When moving, its ideal to have a limited number of boxes that are marked, ‘fragile.’ Therefore, clear old mugs and dishes from your collection. If you’re a mug collector, then know that you can always get new mugs.

6. Old books

This one might be a tough pill to swallow for most book lovers. However, it’s high time to dump books that you haven’t read in a while, or you’ve read but don’t like. Pick ten or so books to move with you to the next place. You can always donate the rest of the books or give them to a friend.

7. Used notebooks

Besides disposing of old books and novels, you should also part with old notebooks that you have written in. The chances of you needing the scribbled content again are slim. Even so, if you need to save a few pages, then rip them out and put them in one folder. Toss out the rest of the notebooks.

8. The things that you kept in your garage

Many people have the habit of collecting things, thinking they can come in handy someday. So, go through your garage and work to separate the worthy items from the worthless ones. Only carry items that you think are important.

9. Old electronics

You’ve probably kept that old television and other electronics in hopes of getting them fixed one day. However, when you relocate, it’s best to eliminate them from your belongings that will be going with you. Old electronics take up much space and need supervision too. It’s best to bid farewell to them.

10. Miscellaneous items

While decluttering, the odds are that you will re-discover items that you forgot you had. For instance, old magazines, recipes books, and so on. It’s only wise to dump such odds and ends.

Wrap up thoughts
It takes a lot of patience to sort through stuff. You have multiple options to get rid of the items discussed above. For example, you can donate or give some of the things to a friend. You can also sell some stuff online or at a yard sale, or submit it to a recycling center. In case you need professional assistance though, then you can always try Alta Storage – Moving Solutions.