Spring Cleaning: Maintenance Checklist for Every Homeowner

If you have your cleaning gloves on, here’s a quick checklist of to-do’s to help you get started on your spring cleaning.

Spring is here and you know what that means – it’s time for some serious cleaning. Spring cleaning is important especially if you or your family member has serious allergies. As much as possible, you’d want your family to enjoy an allergen-free space and deep-cleaning definitely helps you achieve that.

Aside from health, spring cleaning also does wonders for home maintenance. Changing seasons and weather can affect how your home appliances work. Instead of waiting for it to break down, nip the problem in the bud. Routine inspection and maintenance like spring cleaning can help you detect underlying issues and find a solution for it before things get worse.

If you have your cleaning gloves on, here’s a quick checklist of to-do’s to help you get started on your spring cleaning.

Identify Areas of the House that Needs Work

Do an initial check. Which areas need the most work and which ones do you usually skip routine cleaning? Take out your calendar and start planning a cleaning schedule.
Identify Areas of the House that Needs Work

You can plan it by the room or by the amount of the work needed to be done. It’s completely up to you for as long as you organize and plan your day instead of doing it all in one sitting. This way, you can focus on the task at hand and clean more effectively.

Declutter and Organize

Decluttering and organizing your stuff is more important than what most people think. It seems harmless but clutter has a psychological influence on humans.

Studies reveal that a disorganized home can actually add to a person’s stress level. It signals the brain that work is not done. Inhaling dust combined with the psychological stress of seeing clutter (like a pile of unsorted laundry) can take a toll on one’s health.

Spring or not, make sure you take the time to organize and declutter your closets, your home office, kitchen drawers or any workspace you have.

Don’t Forget Your Walls and Windows

Many of us are guilty of forgetting the walls and windows during routine cleaning. What most people don’t realize is that not all dust settles on the floor and other surfaces. Walls and windows attract most dust and dirt too, especially the windows as these are the first things exposed to outdoor air.

Wipe down walls and blinds using a damp towel starting from the top. For the windows, remove and wipe down the screens outside. Best to avoid chemical cleaners for the windows. Use a steam cleaner with a squeegee instead for a greener home.

Clean Your Air Too

One of the most overlooked parts of spring cleaning is furnace and HVAC replacement. According to a furnace repair Ashland MA, Sinclaire Home Services, indoor air is much more polluted compared to outdoor air. Compared to outdoors where air circulates freely, indoor air pollutants like dust, dirt, and other allergens, merely circulate in the space.
Clean Your Air Too
One good way to ensure your indoor air is healthier as you enter spring is by replacing your standard filter with a higher MERV rating one. This will help catch smaller, irritating particles compared to the standard ones. During winter, dust builds up in air conditioner ducts. Upgraded filters can catch unwanted particles so they don’t enter your home.

Don’t Be Scared to Clean the Bathroom and Kitchen

Probably the most difficult areas to clean in any home is the bathroom and the kitchen as these are the two busiest spaces. We constantly use these areas and since they are exposed to water, food, and waste materials, molds and slime build up are pretty common.

To lessen down your spring cleaning work in the kitchen, make sure you routinely wipe down your cabinets, inspect items in your shelves and throw away any old items, and regularly clean your appliances. As for your bathroom, change your shower curtains and go through your medicine/cosmetics drawer and throw away any expired items.

These are just some of the tips to help you in your spring cleaning. For any serious troubleshooting issues, make sure to call a professional to get the job done for preventive measures.