What You Will Get in Vitamix 6500 Blender

This machine has dimensions of 17.25 × 8.75 × 7.25 inches, 11.95 lbs weight which are sixty pounds. This weight comes from its motor which is pretty powerful and very strong making it durable and well-organized and also extremely heavy.

Vitamix 6500 is a top standard blender that can serve you for a long time! Well you are in the best location, as this page will guide you. Vitamix 6500 is a latest machine, an upgraded edition of Vitamix 6300. If you are looking for a new machine or want to change the one you have, this Vitamix 6500 review will support you consider it after getting to know its advantages, specs and disadvantages, whether you are the best person to own it, its usability and read much more about it at Healthplz.

Overall description and specifications

This machine comes with a low profile sixty-four ounce container that is pretty roomy because of its widespread end that is, flat bottom.

This machine has dimensions of 17.25 × 8.75 × 7.25 inches, 11.95 lbs weight which are sixty pounds. This weight comes from its motor which is pretty powerful and very strong making it durable and well-organized and also extremely heavy.

Packaging: The machine packaging contains of low profile tamper, base of motor, 64-ounce low profile container, lid plug, cookbook, and Silicone Lid.

Powerful motor: The machine comes with a 2.2 horsepower motor that is strong. Users have verified its strength and durability. It also make sure efficiency as is quicker than most other machines. The motor power makes it simple to mix any item ranging from nuts to shakes.

Its real chilling fan and thermal defense system stop warming and destroy system. The only problem of this motor is its noisiness when blending. I will not suggest this machine for those hate noise, and pregnant ladies for the reason of the weight.

Vitamix 6500 height: This famous machine appear with flat tamper and sixty-four ounce low profile container creating it easy to use in kitchen areas. This machine big area provides room for bigger ingredients, no doubt, give you smoother and quicker blend. The container is little than its competitors matching part and very weighty also.

For the dense ingredients, this is considered as one of the best blenders. -It is no surprise that it is also included on the list of the ten best Vitamix blenders in the market today as reviewed by cookingplanit.com. They also provide full details on these vitamix blenders to hep you decide which is best to spend your money on.

Vitamix 6500 wattage is 1640 watts working at 120 volts, 12amps, 50/60 Hz. This tempo permits the full crash of items, and make a perfect shake and smoothies.

Variable speed control: The blender contains of different speed control, which differ from one to nine. When this change you can easily make your smoothies and shakes.

Pre-programmed settings – This stand device has 3 Vitamix pre-programmed settings that helps you to use this machine easily. These settings when worked and mix together your items will make a special and tasty items for you in a very short time.

Features of Vitamix 6500 blender


This blender provides you more for less. The 3 current functions permits you to blend anytime you want without any trouble. Whether you want frozen desserts, hot soups, or smoothies. It will offer you what you want it. Yummy and smooth.

Speed diversity

The 10 manual speeds and pulse button will change your blending habit to play and enjoy. Its fully depend on how you want to use the machine and how fast.

Loyal power

If you want to taste smoothie silky, this machine has a lower rating than most machines in the market in terms of speed and horsepower. It is a monster that can manage any item without any damage and problem. You do not have to hesitate about how hard and frozen your nuts or vegetables are.

Simplicity of use and functionality

This vitamin 6500 review promise you the top choice. Just to collect your items, add them in and pick a suitable setting. There is one for smoothies, warm soup and frozen desserts. Just use the button and control the tempo you love to play.

You could even just stick and enjoy the action, thanks to the container size to make a huge amount of smoothies. The base is flat and wide stopping food items from sticking under the blades.

Durability and quality

If want to buy a product that will help you in kitchen for a long time, look no further. This construction and design is of top standards. Talk of metal couplings, shatterproof containers and powerful plastic. What extra functions you want for blender.


What type of warranty are we discussing about here?

Vitamix machines all come with an impressive 7 year warranty.

Can Vitamix machines be used for juicing?

Juicers and blenders extract nutrients from vegetables and fruits in different ways. The power of the Vitamix blenders can make a drink consistency that is similar to that of a juicer.

Is this machine noisy?

Unluckily, yes. Most blenders are generally quite noisy, and this one packs a lot of juice. It is a noisy machine, but the noise is a reminder of just how strong it is.

Vitamix 6500 Pros and cons

Vitamix 6500 has the top number of sales due to its pros and cons matched to other brands or rather models. Also as much as the Vitamix 6500 is a best product it also has some shortcomings, some of which are talked below, let’s dive deep into the advantages and disadvantages of the product.


  • Free recipe book on buying the machine there is a free recipe book this will support the user in different ways to learn how to use the blender.
  • This blender has a very powerful blades such it can blend almost every item even frosted desserts and also roughly surfaced fruits.
  • It is very simple to clean blender, you just include water and dish washing soap and blend for some time.
  • It is made of extremely powerful plastic and the container is shatterproof hence making it last for an extremely long time if well taken care of.’


  • The blender generates a lot of noise during the blending process which may cause anxiety to some people in the room.
  • It is big and hard to carry
  • It is pretty costly as matched to other blenders
  • Some of the customers have protested that there are some black features after continue usage of the machine.
  • The machine is not safe to be washed in a dishwasher mostly because of the automatic part of it.
  • You cannot put electronics where there is liquid.

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