What Makes a Good New Tool Choice for a DIY’er or Woodworker

If you are a service provider, the most important thing you will look for is the quality output that you will deliver to your clients. Obviously, you want to build a good reputation and put your customer’s satisfaction first by giving them a high-quality service and performance. You need to build rapport and assurance to your clients that you can handle the work effectively and with the best output. You can do this by presenting your smart plans, techniques, expertise, and the tools you will use.

Given the fact that you have the knowledge and expertise in a specific field such as constructing buildings or woodworking, some other factors might still affect the quality of your work. One essential and crucial part of working is your tools or materials needed to accomplish the task. You do not want to use poorly made tools for delivering your service to your clients. This is why choosing quality tools are essential for a quality job.

Things you should look when choosing tools


There are wide varieties of tools available in the market, and you might have a hard time selecting what is best and what is not. Some builders or woodworkers know exactly what makes a good tool. However, if you are starting out, it might be a problem. Most of the time, some workers consider the brand, portability, weight, and design of the tool when they come to the store to purchase it. But how do you choose and define a good new tool choice for yourself and your job? In this case, you might want to consider the following qualities of a tool that can help you in purchasing the right tool.

  • Does it save time: One crucial aspect of any work is productivity. But how do you achieve productivity? One way to achieve it is by choosing the tools that will help you to save time. Purchase those tools that are made advanced or automatic instead of manual tools. However, in selecting automated tools, do not forget that you still need to consider if it will do the job right. Moreover, there are also some jobs that prefer manual tools rather than power tools so keep a heads up with the tools that can do the job right and save time as well.
  • It performs with accurate cutting: If you need tools meant to cut, choose the one that has blades that do the cutting accurately. Settle for those blades that are sharp and ensure a smooth cut. You might want to invest with the cutting tools that can cut and rip hardwoods with flawless results. Note that you might also have double plywood and other types of materials you need to cut at the same time, and you want a cutting tool that can do most of the jobs like this without a hitch. Likewise, look for those tools which offer technical support that has an optimized control for smooth motion. There are wide varieties of cutting tools made advanced in the market today.
  • It is made by a quality brand: Aside from the expertise you have in woodworking and construction, you should also have the tools needed for excellent output. Expertise is only enough when you also partner yourself with the right tool brand. Some brands offer unique and better-performance like tools made by Dewalt, Milwaukee, and Makita. These are trusted by most builders and woodworkers, Likewise, there are also other brands to consider that provide the same or better performance.
  • Is it cordless when portability is favored: Mobility or portability is also one of the factors a builder or woodworker should consider. Because sometimes your work will include various projects in different places. When purchasing some of your necessary tools, you might want to find cordless tools that promote maximum portability. For example, you might want to have cordless drills instead of those with wires or a cord for less hassle at work. Likewise, keep an eye to the quality of these cordless tools by considering its brand and performance and if it is brushless.
  • It is easy to change and replace the blades: Since you want to save time right from the start, you should have tools that have quickly replaceable blades. Some blades perform best in cutting but come as a nightmare when changing or replacing its blades. When purchasing, you might want to inform yourself with both of these aspects so your work can be more efficient. Note that in construction, there are many cutting jobs, and each material requires specific cutting blades. A blade meant to cut thin wood might not be suitable for thicker woods. You might want to go for the tools that will save your time in replacing its blades.
  • It is safe: Although you can feed yourself and your working space with a lot of tools, you should always take note of your safety first. If purchasing tools, second hand you want to buy those that are safe to use. Check the body, handle, and the other parts of the tool if it has cracks, damage, or any defects consider buying new instead. If you are buying a power tool, make sure to double-check its wires, the buttons, and other essential parts. Likewise, you might want to test it in the store before taking it home.


The guides mentioned above regarding the tools you might want to have are just some of the essential considerations. In a nutshell, as a builder or a woodworker, you should know about picking the right tool to use in every task or work you plan to accomplish. You might want to ask for recommendations or suggestions to a friend or a tool expert from the store if you are having second thoughts in purchasing a specific tool.

Likewise, you should have the proper training of using the tool safely. Make sure you have read the manual, and get advice before using every tool and operate it following the manufacturer’s directions. Lastly, it would be best if you go for those tools that are tested and approved.