What Are Himalayan Salt Lamps? Why They Are Medically Good For Health?

In modern house designs, owners want their houses to look flashy and attractive. This is achieved through the incorporation of trendy designs and accessories. The accessories are mostly hung on walls where they are visible. Lighting within a room is considered to be important as it maintains warmness and elegance. When properly installed, a house can become an attraction to visitors. Interior designers have turned to currently installing salt lams that are considered to be unique masterpieces. They are used in the house to create a warm and sleek environment. The salt lamps are available in different colors and have become popular among many homeowners today. The popularity could be linked to the assumed health benefits that they have on the users or due to the trendy appearance theta they introduce to a home space.

What is a Himalayan salt lamp?

The Himalayan salt lamps have become popular with many modern homeowners. The main catch to the lamps attracting many homeowners is due to their uniqueness and health benefits that they are assumed to have on the users. The Himalayan salt lamps are crystals of different colors and shapes that are chiseled with a hollow space at the center and fitted with a lamp. The lamps are created differently in such a way that they fit within the salt lamps. The crystalline nature of the salt lamp makes it possible to produce light that illuminates a room. Ideally, the salt lamps are connected to electricity sources so that the bulbs installed within are lit whenever the user requires.

Why are Himalayan salt lamps colored?

The color shades of the Himalayan salt lamps or any other lamp from natural crystal are a reflection of the many mineral elements trapped within. From the original place where the crystals are mined, more mineral elements are embedded within. This means that when a slat lamp is lit, and it produces green light, then the mineral elements within are green in color. Since all the salt crystals are not mined from similar locations or rocks, they may have different mineral compositions. This is the main reason why they shine differently, and they exist in different colors. However, due to an increase in the demand for the Himalayan salt lamps, it has become possible to customize them according to the needs of the homeowners. Some homeowners may require specific colors to match their home themes. With this, experts can create lamps that produce the lights as required by the homeowners.

Himalayan salt lamps and ion production

It is a common belief that the Himalayan salt lamps produce negative ions that help in making the atmosphere clean by getting rid of the dust and pollen particles. But what happens during this process? Ideally, when the salt lamp is lit up, the lamps within the crystal emit some heat that is absorbed to the surface of the crystal. The surface the produces negative ions which then attract water droplets from the atmosphere. The reason why the water droplets are attracted is due to their positive charge thus the attraction. The water droplets are trapped on the surface of the Himalayan salt lamps together with the dust. However, due to the continuous heat emission by the lamp, the water is then evaporated back to the atmosphere while the solid particles are left on the surface.

What to consider before ordering the Himalayan salt lamps

The Himalayan salt lamps are accessories that help to improve the décor within a home. When selecting the best fit or a particular room of the entire house or office, it is essential to ensure that a homeowner understands more about the working and the decorative aspects of the Himalayan salt lamps. The following are factors that should not be overlooked when shopping for the Himalayan salt lamps.

The required shape

The raw Himalayan salt crystals are mined and come in different shapes. They are then cut and chiseled into specific shapes so that the lamps can be fitted. A homeowner ought to know the exact size that they need to accessorize their home. When deciding on the shape, the owner may decide to order custom cut crystals that meet their needs within a particular space. It may, however, be challenging to identify the most appropriate shapes. Researching on the trendy shapes and designs can help to reduce the stress of finding a suitable match for one’s home.

The color needed

Buying a Himalayan salt lamp for home décor requires that it should match with the theme in the home. Most homeowners do not appreciate the need to maintain elegance and warmness within the home and fail to match the Himalayan salt lamps colors with the home themes. It does not necessarily mean that the salt should have identical colors as other accessories or walls within the home. However, there should be a smooth blending of colors so that a house can maintain a warm atmosphere. Color clashing is a mistake many homeowners who do not understand interior décor basics commit.

Size of the lamp

The size of the Himalayan salt lam needed for a home or office should be known. This is dependent on the space available within the room it is to be installed. Despite many of the salt lamps being available in small sizes, a homeowner may purchase a larger salt to meet their home décor needs. Depending on the size, the interior designer should identify the appropriate position to set it so that it can be a complementary accessory and not fight with other accessories within the house.

Where can the Himalayan salt lamps be installed?

Himalayan salt lamps have revolutionized how people use light in modern society. They have almost replaced the traditional lighting designs due to the flashy look they introduce to a home. Have you been wondering on where to place that beautiful Himalayan salt lamp you recently bought? Well, here are interesting locations you can place them to create a relaxing and calm environment.

The patio tables

Patio tables are mostly placed outside and can be used during the day or night. The Himalayan salt lamps can be a good match when being used on the patio tables during the night hours. All other lights within the patio environment can be dimmed while the Himalayan salt lamp is placed at the center of the patio table. When placed at the center, it creates a relaxing atmosphere especially when the light coming from it is bright and attractive.

The bathroom

Contemporary bathroom spaces have become interesting to use. The incorporation of proper lighting within the bathroom helps in relaxation and creating a comfortable environment. Bathtubs are commonly used for taking dips and relaxing for long hours. Conventionally, homeowners are accustomed to using colored candles when taking a dip in the bathtubs. How about introducing the Himalayan salt lamp into the environment? The advantage of the Himalayan salt lamp is that it produces attractive light while also keeping the bathroom warm. A secret to ensuring that the Himalayan salt lamps well light the bathroom environment is to place it strategically within the room. Also, the owner may install more than one of similar colors to make the bathroom brighter and more inviting.

Study area

Do you have a study table light in your home? Most probably you have one that is too bright for your eyes and does not have a dimming option. The Himalayan salt lamp can be comfortably used on a study table. Most users today prefer using the Himalayan salt lamp due to the controlled light that is produced. Ideally, the light from the lamps does not hit the eyes directly because it first passes through the crystal salt. In addition to this, having the Himalayan salt lamp on your work or study table leaves the place warm while also clearing the air around.

Health benefits of using the Himalayan salt lamps

Himalayan salt lamps have become popular due to their health benefits that have been known to people. Despite there being no scientific proof of their effectiveness, the known benefits are enough reasons to have one or a couple of the Himalayan salt lamps within your home.

They reduce the effects of asthma

Asthma is caused by entry of pollen or dust particles into the breathing system. The ions produced by the Himalayan salt lamps get rid of all the dust and create a comfortable environment where asthmatic people among other can breathe clean air.

Removes electromagnetic elements

Rooms with a lot of electronics (which cannot be avoided in the 21st century) contain a lot of electromagnetic components. The gadgets produce the elements, and the only easy way to reduce their effects on human health is to introduce a Himalayan salt lamp. Due to the ions produced by the lamps, they attract the harmful electromagnetic elements from the atmosphere thus keeping the individuals within such an environment safer. It is therefore advisable to invest in The Himalayan salt lamp as it helps in creating an attractive and warm atmosphere as well as improving the health of homeowners.