Ways to Make Your Office Space a Happy Place

Whether it is your staff or your customers and clients that spend time at your office you want to make sure that your office space is a happy place. It needs to be something that feels attractive that speaks about the calibre of the work you do and helps build a positive rapport with whoever comes through the doors. Don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth even with people who are maintenance or delivery people that are coming to your office. Every person is a valuable marketing asset that must be considered when creating an office space that is welcoming and a pleasant place to be. There are a couple of go-to ways to ensure that your office space is a good experience for everyone

The look and feel

Call on a company that specialises in commercial interior design Sydney has several to choose from and ask them to help you get the look and feel right. A lot of the office experience boils down to aesthetics and atmosphere which builds the ambiance of a place. By using professional commercial interior designers, they can convert your brand ethos and culture into something tangible that people can enjoy. They will have experience in knowing what works and what doesn’t work and can advise you on what designs to go with that will be best suited for your needs

The welcoming committee

How people feel when they enter a place is the most important. This is often where first impressions start and where a lot of people will spend most of their time. The person manning the boom at the security gate will be responsible for engaging with visitors and showing them where to go and what to do. The person at the reception desk will be greeting the visitors and making them feel at home. These people need to be good at what they do, knowledgeable about the business and have good people skills

Parking place

If a business is hard to find parking at, your visitors will be reluctant to come regularly or just come for a quick visit. There needs to be ample visitors parking or good off-site parking with shuttle services to make the access easy and simple.

Open spaces

A crowded place feels confining and stifling and can be off-putting. Open spaces work well to create a light happy feeling. Big natural spaces, gardens, trees, office plants help create an earthy feel that is comfortable and relaxing. It is a good place for people to go to get fresh air and unwind a little from the pressure that workplaces.

Social spaces

Having casual social spaces that allow people to hang out helps communicate that it is not all about work and that the bosses believe in caring for the happiness of their people, both staff and visitors. Have a place where people can have coffee, grab lunch or just relax and sit away from the desk. You can also include games areas like tennis table or foosball.