Trendy Kitchen Space Designs

First, you need to take time to evaluate and analyze your kitchen space. You need to consider how to use your kitchen, and where everything should be placed, this way you can make decisions upon the kind of storage to incorporate.

If you made your way through this article, we assume that you probably are looking for some modern ideas for designing your kitchen for remodelling or you can’t bear working in a smaller kitchen anymore. Well, whatever your concern is, we have come up with an extensive guide on clever designs and practices to improve your efficiency in the kitchen to a significant extent. Small kitchen ideas that we are going to disclose here are perfect for the homeowners who are not do not have a large and spacious kitchen.

Storage is one of the key points to make a kitchen workable space, it is a crucial element for all kitchens in the world, especially small ones. By increasing the extra inches, and utilizing the areas that are left spare, you can make working in a small kitchen much more efficient.

First, you need to take time to evaluate and analyze your kitchen space. You need to consider how to use your kitchen, and where everything should be placed, this way you can make decisions upon the kind of storage to incorporate.

Let’s begin with exploring trendy kitchen designs, for the special room of your house.

1. Incorporate a Crisp and Innovative Color Scheme

The first step to make your kitchen look bigger and airy than its size is to go for a neutral colour scheme. If you are bored with cream or beige color, you can go for white patterned tiles paired with white marble countertops. You can add a crispy color scheme by painting the cabinets in striking colors like blue. A combination of white and blue works always! This innovative and crisp color scheme bounces the light around and makes the kitchen look more spacious.
Incorporate a Crisp and Innovative Color Scheme

2. Transform Each Corner of The Kitchen into a Storage Space.

When it comes to increasing the storage, you have to be smart enough to look for the spare/ waste areas to transform them into a storage space. Some of the examples for the waste spaces may be the gaps between the shelves, space below the sink, the backside of the cupboards, windowsills, and unused corners. Store things wherever you can, also it is important to have an idea about your kitchenware that is not used frequently, so you can store accordingly. You can relocate the items from the pantry cabinets which are not of daily use.

You can also use the kitchen walls and door to have access to additional space, by installing a utensil railing or magnetic knife board. Moreover, you can also go for adding hooks to the kitchen cupboards or doors and hang things like pans and pots. Or you can also make things easier by adding extra shelves to keep everyday items closer.

3. Declutter The Areas

When you are trying to work out things in a small kitchen, you need to make sure there is no clutter around. It is impossible to work in the cluttered kitchen, it makes the place even compactor. Take a look around your kitchen and get rid of any kind of clutter lying around. Usually, countertops are the primary places, where all the unwanted things get accumulated. Discard any kinds of plastic containers and unmatched dinnerware every few months. Also, cleverly arrange your kitchen appliances, so they do not jampack your worktops.

4. Install floor-to-ceiling Cabinetry

Another way to make your kitchen more spacious is by installing the kitchen cabinetry from floor to ceiling. But this task involves planning, making sure the room does not look congested. You can store occasionally-used items on the top of the cabinets, while things that are required daily must be kept in the lower side of cabinets. If possible, you can incorporate a breakfast bar, since it provides a great amount of storage for the handy things.
Install floor-to-ceiling Cabinetry

5. Opt for Portable Storage Options

You may also make a kitchen trolley a storage option for your kitchen. It can also provide you with additional prep surfaces in case of need, and it can be tucked away when you don’t require it anymore. You can use this additional storage to keep your cookery, pans, pots, books, and more such items. Moreover, when you have guests, such a trolley can be used to serve food and drinks.

6. Welcome Compact Containers to Your Kitchen

You can place compact containers, strong baskets, bottles, to store items like spices, or other food items. These containers can be kept on windowsill, shelves or recess near the worktop.

7. Paint the Kitchen Cupboard Similar to Wall Colors

This is a great tip for the small kitchens, where painting the cupboards matching to the wall colors makes the illusion of more and airy area. The idea works really well with a grey or white color scheme, creating an illusion of light and airy space, where each unit mingles with the wall of the kitchen.

8. Incorporate Bold Flooring Option

Another one of the clever ways to make your tiny kitchen look bigger by distracting the eyes of the onlookers. You can go for bold patterned tiles on the floors, which actually makes the room feel bigger than its size. You can go a step further by hanging small pot plants and incorporating slimline appliances. If you’ve got less workspace, opt for hanging copper planters, which look trendy enough and add a perfect tint of decoration to the kitchen, without cluttering the worktops.
Incorporate Bold Flooring Option

9. Go for Clean and Simple Color Scheme in Your Kitchen

Nothing can beat the look of simple white walls in the kitchen, which makes the area look larger. You can take the whole concept to the next level by incorporating sleek and contemporary details in the room to open up space a bit more. A kitchen can look airier by adding reflective materials, minimal designs, and light to space. So, during a kitchen remodelling process, you can opt for a combination like white stone/composite/stainless-steel worktops with white tiled backsplash, and white/frosted glass cabinets doors.

So, these were some of the top ideas that can make your kitchen look more spacious and give it a trendy look.