Style Tips On Choosing The Best Bathroom Faucets

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to the design elements of your bathroom. Choosing bathroom fixtures for your new home or remodeled bathroom might seem easy, but it’s not. These simple items can be more complicated than you think, especially when it’s about bathroom faucets. A bathroom faucet is a big factor for the overall aesthetics of your bathroom, so you have to pick the best.

From its function to its finishing touch, here are some tips when choosing the best style of bathroom faucets:



Faucet function is one of the things that you should consider. The type of valve will determine the lifespan and reliability of your bathroom faucet. Here are the four types of faucet valves:


Compared to a ball valve, it has lesser moving parts but its seals need to be regularly replaced because it can wear out. This type of valve is very durable and you can simply remove it to replace it with a new one when it starts to leak.


This type has slots that control the amount and mixture of cold or hot water. Typically, this is for a faucet with a single lever that doesn’t use washers. When you move its handle, the slots change their positions within the valve to regulate the water flow.

Ceramic disk

To control the temperature and water flow, this valve type has two ceramic disks and a wide cartridge. The two disks control the water flow by restricting or opening the weather pathway. This is also durable, just like cartridge valve, but it’s the most expensive type.


This one has a screw-like handle that compresses a rubber washer or seal. It has individual hot and cold handles, and is the simplest type of valve. However, it can be less durable than others.

2.Installation types

Installation types
Other than its functionality, you should also look for the installation type that fits your bathroom sink. If you’re just replacing it with a new faucet, it is better to install the same type so you’ll be confident that it will work and you won’t have to make a different hole for it. But if your home is new, you can choose any kind that you want.

There are different installation types to choose from. Here are some of them:


This is for small vanities. It has two handles and a single spout all in one unit.

WidespreadAn installation type with three separate components which consist of two handles and a spout. You can adjust their positions based on your preference. You can use this for tiny bathrooms and corner sinks.

Single holeSingle hole faucets can be used for faucets with motion sensors. It’s a single unit with only one handle that controls both cold and hot water temperature and pressure.

Wall mount

If you have an undermount sink or a vessel, then this installation type is right for you. It will be placed on the wall, as suggested by its name. You just have to worry about its splash, because you’ll get more splash when the faucet is placed higher than the recommended height from the sink.


There are two features you have to consider when it comes to bathroom faucets: the height of the spout arc and how many handles it has. For the spout arc, you should measure and check if the spouts would fit under the shelf or cabinet, if you have one. But if you don’t have a cabinet above your sink, then you don’t have to worry about it.

The number of faucet handles depend on what installation type you’ll use. If you’re just remodelling your bathroom, then you don’t have a choice but to use the same number of handles. Single handles look more modern, and double handles can let you adjust the right temperatures.


This will influence the overall look of your bathroom. Finishes should match the appearance of the bathroom to give it a sense of harmony. Here are some of the common finishes for bathroom faucets:


This is the most popular type of finish because of its striking and modern look, especially if it has a matte finish. It contrasts with light-colored sinks and hides dirt well.


Its surface looks good when it’s clean, but water stains can easily mar it, so it should be cleaned regularly. This is the most common type of finish.


It can give a matte or shiny finish when brushed, hammered, or polished. The shade of it is close to the shade of a chrome finish, though with warmer with gold undertones.


This is a finish that looks more traditional, retro, or vintage. If you want a contemporary look, you can match it with a modern sink.


If you want a long-term finish, then stainless steel is right for you. It also has antibacterial properties.


Choosing the best bathroom faucet using this guide can help you get the best style that suits the overall aesthetics of your bathroom. Always remember to consider your budget within each type and style because some of them can be a little expensive.