Quartz Countertop Information That Is Essential In Your Kitchen Redesign

You have decided to perform a kitchen redesign. Did you include a beautiful kitchen countertop installation as part of the redesign? If you haven’t considered a brand new kitchen countertop, you should. Adding a kitchen countertop will increase the value of your home by enhancing its aesthetics, as well as it functionality. You will also gain more space to perform culinary tasks like baking and prepping food. If you decide to go with a new kitchen countertop, we present quartz countertop information that you need to have before starting on the kitchen redesign.

Benefits of Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Benefits of Quartz Kitchen Countertops

The first thing that comes to mind when asked about the benefits of quartz for kitchen countertops is the rugged durability of the countertop material. Derived from natural ground quartz and polymer resins, quartz resists the kinds of dents and scuffs that reduce the appearance of other kinds of countertop materials. Quartz also is heat resistant to give you the option to embed a range within your new kitchen countertop.

You need to know that a quartz countertop gives you a seemingly limitless number of design options. As opposed to natural stones such as granite and marble, quartz represents an engineered stone that offers the ultimate in kitchen design flexibility. The nonporous structure of quartz allows the engineered stone to absorbed spilled liquids. Quartz obtains its highly porous structure because of the way the engineered stone is manufactured.

Quartz is a low maintenance countertop material. You do not have to worry about extracting particles from grooves and you do not have to perform prolonged thorough cleanings every month. A simple swipe of a non-soapy damp cloth is all you need to do for removing stains. The long lasting engineered stone rarely requires a major refurbishing.

Essential Countertop Information for a Kitchen Redesign

Before you decide to install a kitchen countertop, you should spend some time making sure the cost of the installation fits within your home improvement budget. As one of the most important factors in determining the extent of a kitchen redesign, your home improvement budget must have enough financial space to add a quartz kitchen countertop.

Here are other pieces of information you need for your kitchen redesign:


Do you already have enough space to store everything you use in the kitchen? If the answer is no, then you might want to consider adding a couple of cabinets on one of the sides of the quartz countertop to create more room for things like cookware and small appliances. Moreover, you need to decide on the material used to construct the cabinets. You definitely want a material like treated wood that can handle extended exposure to heat and damp conditions.


Where you install the new quartz kitchen countertop is an important question to answer. After all, making a mistake in where you locate the countertop can disrupt the normal workflow you have grown accustomed to over the years. If you want the quartz countertop to be placed in the center of the kitchen, you want to go with an island design that provides plenty of room for you to work your culinary magic elsewhere in the kitchen. Some homeowners might want to add a quartz kitchen countertop along the side of a wall to create another area for friends and family members to dine.


Aesthetically speaking, the height of your new quartz countertop must be proportional to the height of other amenities in the kitchen. For example, you do not want the countertop to tower over appliances, especially if you plan to embed one or more appliances under the countertop. A countertop that is the featured attraction in your kitchen should be large enough to attract attention, as well as tall enough to seat adults comfortably around the perimeter.

Use a Kitchen Countertop Estimator

Use a Kitchen Countertop Estimator

Selecting the right quartz countertop for the kitchen can be the difference between you creating a visually stunning appearance or you establishing a costly eyesore that you wish never happened. Some of the most important quartz countertop information you need for a kitchen redesign can be discovered by using a kitchen countertop estimator.

Here are the important factors that help you find out the right quartz countertop information for a kitchen redesign:


We already mentioned height. The size factor is about discovering the optimal perimeter size of the quartz countertop.


To contrast or not to contrast with the color scheme of the rest of the kitchen, that is the question. Some homeowners like to complement the color of the kitchen, while others like to contrast the color scheme. Since engineered quartz offers incredible design versatility, you should be able to find the right color that matches your kitchen redesign needs.

Edge Profile

As the surface area that is used most on a kitchen countertop, the edge profile is all about deciding on the optimal shape of the frequently used surface area. Large box home improvement retailers like Lowe’s and The Home Depot offer customers guides to use when deciding on the right edge profile for a kitchen countertop.

Adding a Range

If you currently use a range/stove that is located along on of the kitchen walls and you plan to add a range to your kitchen countertop, then you will have to decide how to utilize the empty space left by removing the old range.

Removal of the Old Countertop

Many homeowners install new kitchen countertops to replace old countertops that no longer are capable of handling all of the culinary tasks needed to be handled. The new countertop might take up less room or take up more room. In either case, you have to account for the extra or smaller space in your kitchen redesign plans.

Finally, the difficulty of installing a kitchen countertop has a strong impact on the time it takes to complete a kitchen redesign. If you have questions about the complexity of a kitchen countertop installation or you have questions about adding a quartz countertop, please visit website slabmarket.com for more information that is essential for your kitchen redesign.