Latest Home Renovation Tips for 2020

We’re only a few days away from 2020 and the New Year! It’s time to start thinking about renovating your home. Are you planning on recreating the space to make it more manageable for you and your family? Or, is it time for bigger and better things, so you’re getting ready to list your home for sale?

Regardless of which camp you’re in, we’re here to help you choose the right home improvements to add value to your home!

The Bathroom

The Bathroom

Like the kitchen, your bathroom is probably one of the best rooms to renovate in the home to increase the resale value. But, you need to take the right steps if you hope to maximize those returns with these home improvements. In recent years, freestanding tubs have become popular in homes. Don’t expect this trend to go away as 2020 approaches. Other additions to consider are

  • Self-cleaning bidets/toilets
  • Digital controls and thermostats
  • Shower fixtures and plumbing that are exposed
  • The LED lighting and light layering is another distinct feature many buyers are looking for

Floating cabinets and more cabinet space is something that designers will introduce as a concept to homeowners who plan on renovating the bathroom.

Safety features like water leak detection systems are also highly popular.

Today, buyers want advancements in technology and design. If you want to add value to your home when you’re getting ready to sell it, these are areas you’ll need to tackle when you’re hiring Kent builders to perform the renovation work for you.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen
This is one of the most important areas to remodel in the home if you’re trying to add value to your home. What are buyers looking for?

  • Colour; choose bold and saturated colours when it comes to the counters, cabinets, and walls
  • For cabinets, consider resurfacing, different stain options, and choosing colours which aren’t “traditional”
  • Integration of metallic, glass, and other contouring finishes, to blend in the colour scheme chosen for that space

Appliances have been a huge selling point and this remains true as 2020 approaches. However, for 2020, buyers are also looking for more pantry space. Butler or super-pantry are great additions to the kitchen. An island is yet another features discerning buyers will love to see in the kitchen. So, if you can budget for it with the Kent builders you choose to work with, do so!

Other Areas to Consider Renovating

Other Areas to Consider Renovating
People want space! Tear down walls, open-concept living, large foyers, grand entryways, and combined dining and living rooms, are all excellent options to consider when remodeling the home. Grand, large, open, and airy spaces, help improve the overall aesthetic appeal. This is also a simple way to create a “larger” look and feel; you can increase the home’s size, without adding more rooms/size to the home by combining rooms in the home.

You’ll want to hire the best Kent builders when expanding, tearing down, and performing other remodeling services. So, before you do, research your market, know which Kent builders specialise in the work you’d like to complete, and find the right team to complete the home improvements when you’re ready to remodel