How to Wash Sweatshirt Blankets and Other Winter Clothes

Many people who are living in warmer areas are not very familiar with various exquisite type of winter clothes and even though they do buy a lot of stuff winters are not very long there, but one thing which each person will agree upon, is the issue of washing warm clothes.

What are sweatshirt blankets?

Sweatshirt blankets as the name implies are wearable blankets, which can be wore on for keep yourself warm. Unlike other clothes you are not supposed to wash these sweatshirt blankets through the normal conventions.
What are sweatshirt blankets

In this article, we will see how we can wash a sweatshirt blanket, which are generally known as oversized sweatshirt blankets.

For buying sweatshirt blankets you can have a look at amazon, or some trustworthy companies who claim to manufacture sweatshirt blankets. Moreover, like I have always mentioned, before buying sweatshirt blankets from any sort of online shop. You must read reviews about the services provided by the vendors and reviews about the quality of sweatshirt blankets.

Before we start let us have a look at the advantages of having a sweatshirt blanket.

Why should you buy sweatshirt blankets?

There are 4 to 5 prominent features of sweatshirt blankets which makes them super incredible especially during mid winters.

  • Anyone can wear them; of course, big hoodie type clothes are the best. You do not need to buy sweatshirt blankets for each size. If you are a couple a single blanket is fine any of you can have it on.
  • Comfortable, sweatshirt blankets are extremely comfortable. The inside of a blanket is fluffy and warm. Some of them are so warm that a person can easily sleep wearing it while he lies on the floor.
  • It can be a great winter gift, in winters there is a very limited range of gifts which can be useful for th receiver, especially for going through the toughest season.

Washing a sweatshirt blanket

Washing a sweatshirt blanket
In this section I will share some tips and methods for washing these sweatshirts. In case these tips did not work, you must check the quality of the blanket and the reliability of the laundry detergent you have been using.

Step 1: prepare the bucket

Get a container, or a plastic bin, fill it with lukewarm water, hot water can destroy the fabric that is why you must use lukewarm water.

Now, add almost half a teaspoon of detergent in it, if it is a liquid detergent then you can add a bit more, because it is in diluted form and its reactions are quite low as compared to the powder detergents.

Step 2: let it sit

Now, put your sweatshirt in this solution and let it sit for almost 20 minutes. Do your other house chores if any.

This process will help to soften the dirt and other marks. Most of the time people do not wait and the result does not come out as expected.

Step 3: wash

Now, you must rub each section of the blanket, by holding it in between your two hands. Be gentle and do not use any sort of brushes.

Repeat this process for three to four times, now once you are satisfied with it, let your blanket sit for 5 mins more.

Step 4: drying

Drying a sweatshirt blanket is quite difficult if the material is thick and has got extra wool. Be very careful do not be in a rush.

Take two dry towels and place the shirt in between them, now squeeze the three clothes and press until excess water is drained out. Now, you can spin it in the dryer.